Attach a HEPA-filter vacuum to the sander. For various size of floorings in different areas there are different concepts that I might share to you. You can rent these from home improvement stores. Hardwood Floor Repairs 4. Dustless Sanding Hardwood Floors: Why and How to Do It. Frankly, unless you’re refinishing a relatively new hardwood floor that was prefinished don’t do this! You'll also save a good bit of money by handling the labor yourself instead of hiring contractors. Unless you are doing a small area and are comfortable using a belt sander, you are definitely going to want to rent equipment for sanding hardwood floors. Empty the sander's dust bags when they get half full. The cost of refinishing a 200 square foot floor, including sanding, staining, and finishing, costs $850-$1,260. Use the edger (using the same grit you just used on the drum) to sand all the areas that the drum couldn’t reach. That way you'll get a heads-up on, and hopefully the knowledge to avoid, some of the problems you might encounter and some of the mistakes beginners make. Wipe the floor clean with a cloth before you’re ready to add the stain. You may use this technique on any of the finer grit sanding steps below as well. Here's how you can decide what you need to do. FT. Services we provide are 1. Use heat or ice to effectively remove those accidental wax drippings from your wood floors. Use a random-orbit sander for flat floors. With the room prepped, you’re ready to sand. Step by Step Process for Sanding Hardwood Floors Step 1 : Choosing Sandpaper Grit Sequence You don’t want the sander to hit and damage this, and you also want to be able to get underneath it. If time is your concern, Great Lakes Floors is the right choice for you. Hardwood floors add value to your home and provide a classic look that goes with any style. That's because unlocking a sad floor's hidden beauty doesn't always involve messy sanding and staining, particularly if yours aren't damaged. Condition Wood. If they aren't gone after the full sanding job, they are set too deep to sand away. You need to know these things in order to select the right grit—or coarseness of the sander—for your floor. Always be sure to provide adequate ventilation during sanding and refinishing. You may want to practice using the sander on a part of the floor that will be covered by a table, couch or bookcase, or even get a large piece of plywood to practice on until you feel comfortable. STARTING FROM ONLY 99 CENTS PER SQ. Prep before you rent. Call us now on 734-604-6214 for your hardwood floor needs. "I'm very pleased with the information provided by this video. Keep your respirator on until the dust is clear. Drum floor sanders can be extremely loud and they can kick up a lot of dust into the air. Sanding hardwood floors can be backbreaking work. Jacob Pischer. With the right preparation, hardwood floor sanding for an average-sized house may be no more than a weekend project. This is when drum sanding is ideal. A "dust free" setup is not actually dust free, but it helps. You have to choose the sequence according to the condition of your floor. If using the big machine, go with the direction of the floor. Cloth-backed sandpaper is more expensive, but less likely to tear on the drum machine. Make sure the sandpaper is loaded flat, the belt is not worn or compressed, and the parts are tightly assembled. It is cheaper to refinish a hardwood floor than replace it. This is an intensive process that strips everything from the floor by grinding it down to the natural wood underneath all that shine. Installing hardwood flooring in a kitchen is a great option because it lasts a long time. Consider hiring a professional for this project to avoid damaging your wood floors. If the floor-owner wants more polyurethane on the floor, we will suggest they get some wear and tear out of the first two coats before more is applied. Before you start sanding, remove everything from the room and vacuum the floor. Jacob studied at Madison Area Technical College and has a background in real estate investment. The hardwood floor refinishing process is easier and less expensive than sanding down to bare wood and takes less time. This is not a major concern with orbital sanders, which are not powerful enough to cause immediate damage when they stop in one spot. Get expert tips on how to repair tile flooring. Each of these popular flooring options has its strengths and weaknesses. Dustless Floor Sanding GTA: Mississauga, Oakville, Milton and Surrounding areas Brabus Hardwood KZ offers the most recent technologies when it comes to professional floor sanding for our clients in Mississauga, Brampton and GTA. By using our site, you agree to our. Don’t stand still with the sander at any point—just keep moving slowly but surely. In this case, you can skip this section, and remove the finish at the corners with any handheld sander. Hardwood floors can create an atmosphere ranging from a rustic, relaxing cabin-like retreat to a … I’ll be finishing them up this week, but I wanted to give a progress update and answer some questions I’ve been asked about the process so far! Read this post about what I learned from the sanding fiasco mentioned above; And then read this post about how to refinish hardwood floors! Sanding hardwood floors is a multi-step process. None of it is rocket science, but it will help you to read through all the sanding pages, including First Things First, Working with Sanders and Edgers, and the Sanding FAQ, before you begin. ft. My fellow wood flooring contractor Joshua Crossman [from Washington State] calls it “Chicago-style flooring.” An 80-grit is inadequate to eliminate the sanding marks from 36. After the initial sanding with the big, rented equipment, We felt good about how the floors looked overall. It is a unique finish that does not create lap marks. 16 Amazing Sanding Hardwood Floors with A Hand Sander. The amount of pressure you apply is also important; if you tilt the sander left, right, backwards, or forwards, the energy is focused and will take off more material per pass. 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Sanding wood floors & refinishing yourself will definitely save money, and even an inexperienced homeowner can likely do a better job than the lowest bidding handyperson who quotes on it.Once you understand the basics, a quality final result on your wood floor is … We undertake all size jobs from single rooms or flats to large areas including schools, churches, halls etc… We do both residential & commercial properties and also do insurance assessments and repairs. Jacob Pischer is a Home Improvement Specialist and the Owner of Helpful Badger, a home repair service in Portland, OR. This is not a bad idea for any sanding job, to make dust cleanup easier. Jacob studied at Madison Area Technical College and has a background in real estate investment. When you get to a wall, move the sander back to your starting point and slightly to the side, overlapping your first pass. We know ads can be annoying, but they’re what allow us to make all of wikiHow available for free. However, after looking closer, there were a few more swirl marks than I … Hardwood Floor Resurfacing 3. He took the time to give us 6 stain color samples, some of which he custom blended to allow us to find just the right color. Sanding hardwood floors to get rid of scratches, change the stain, and give it a great new finish can certainly be a great DIY project that will undoubtedly increase the value of your home or condo. When hiring the machine you buy the paper, too, but usually, you can return any sur… Do not wear the clothes outside the work area. In a few hours your floors will look as good as new. If they aren't gone after the full sanding job, they are set too deep to sand away. A walk-behind sander has a large rotating drum that evenly removes the finish — if you use the correct series of sandpaper grades and operate the sander properly. This sander is easier to handle than a … Is it cheaper to refinish or replace hardwood floors? … Drum sanders also commonly called belt sanders are another variety of sander. Sanding wood floors orbital sander bosch you 16 amazing sanding hardwood floors with a hand sander unique sanding wood floors orbital sander bosch pss 200 ae you the correct way to sand hardwood floors addicted 2 decorating. All of the flooring contractors who contribute to this website recommend hiring a professional when sanding hardwood floors. 4 September 2020. The company originated in 1978 and is a well known professional & specialist floor sanding company for all types of hardwood floors. For flat floors, use a random orbital sander. There are 7 different … Sanding a wood floor is a multi-step process. Be sure to check out How To Use a Belt or Drum Floor Sander so you don’t make common mistakes when using a floor sanding machine. The difference in cost is because it takes about three passes to sand the floor down. Sand Floor. If you have questions about the ideal range for your floor, ask for help at the home improvement store where you rent sanding equipment. With over four years of experience, Jacob specializes in a variety of handyman services including pressure washing, cleaning gutters, repairing drywall, fixing leaky plumbing fixtures, and repairing broken doors. For centuries, hardwoods have graced the world’s finest homes, adding the warmth and beauty only hardwood floors can provide. Amazon's Choice for Wood Floor Sanders TACKLIFE Classic Mouse Detail Sander with 12Pcs Sandpapers, 12,000 OPM Sander, Efficient Dust Collection System For Tight Spaces Sanding in Home Decoration, DIY - PMS01A Learn how to refinish your hardwood floors yourself and have your house looking like new in no time. While your floor can probably take more sanding than you think, a drum sander is intended to remove a lot, and you can easily damage your floor if you’re not paying attention. If using an orbital sander, you probably already reached the walls. When we sand through finish a hardwood floor, we always apply the minimum two coats of polyurethane. Sanding the floor will kick up a lot of dust, so protect light fixtures and tape over electrical outlets. When you’re ready to get started with the drum sander, put on a mask to avoid breathing in dust and wear eye and ear protection. Use a pencil, painter’s tape or sticky notes to label each piece as you set it aside so you don’t end up with a jig saw puzzle when you’re ready to reinstall it. And it is dead wrong! This is easier to use without damaging the floor, but it tends to take longer. (I tried it in the living room–awful.) If I were a teacher giving a grade, I’d have given us a B+/A-. The toughness of the material will also play a part in how deep the sander will cut. I’ve spoken with hardwood professionals who say they roughly double the budget for sanding pads on these types of floors. 24 grit: Use 24-grit sandpaper if there are sander flaws (e.g. If your floor is flat with no noticeable warp, you may use a standing orbital sander instead (not a handheld one). Repeat this process until the entire area is sanded. You'll get expertise at no extra expense. Sanding hardwood floors as a DIY will save you money, and probably a lot of it. Join the party! Hey there! Step 2 Photo by: tommaso79 / iStock tommaso79 / iStock. Vacuum and Tack. The floors were oak, but the trim and stairs were pine. It's best to call a professional for that. 97 $49.99 $49.99 After you’ve sanded the bulk of the floor, use the edge sander to get into the spaces the drum sander can’t reach. Things to Know . First, you sand the floors 3 times, finer and finer grit so that it looks like raw hardwood again. With over four years of experience, Jacob specializes in a variety of handyman services including pressure washing, cleaning gutters, repairing drywall, fixing leaky plumbing fixtures, and repairing broken doors. He did an amazing job matching the colors on the two types of wood. Load the machine with coarse, 40-grit sandpaper. Sanding When you sand your hardwood floors, you use coarse sanding equipment to remove all of the finish and stain from your floors as well as smooth out the wood underneath those layers of stain and sealer. So, for stripping the hardwood without sanding, I used my trusty Citristrip (not sponsored), just like I did on the stairs. You need to sand the floor at least four times using a finer level of sandpaper each time for getting a smoothly nice hardwood floor. It was an exciting and busy weekend here sanding old hardwood floors! Step 2 Photo by: tommaso79 / iStock tommaso79 / iStock. Expert Interview. Leave yourself plenty of time to sand, as a rush job is physically exhausting and risks damaging your floor. Whether you want to refinish and restore old hardwood flooring, or install beautiful new hardwood floors, our flooring professionals will guide you through the entire process. To begin, use a coarse 30-40 grit, then a medium 50-60 grit, and finally a fine 80-100 grit. When you sand your hardwood floors, you use coarse sanding equipment to remove all of the finish and stain from your floors as well as smooth out the wood underneath those layers of stain and sealer. With all of the layers of stuff on these floors, sandpaper gums up in no time, which causes you to throw away dozens of sheets of otherwise perfectly good sandpaper. Sanding a Hardwood Floor. Jacob Pischer is a Home Improvement Specialist and the Owner of Helpful Badger, a home repair service in Portland, OR. There are more ways to ruin a hardwood … Severely uneven, crowned, or cupped boards, Engineered hardwood, since sanding more than once or twice can break through the hardwood veneer, Extra-hard old growth maple (before 1920). Even if you have the budget for it and can take a vacation while the work proceeds, your floor may not be a good candidate for sanding. It comes with a number of benefits we will discuss in this article. You'll need to sand the flooring as part of this project, but it is more time consuming and difficult than most people expect. Just leave the edges unsanded for now — you'll use an edge sander for those areas later. We use cookies to make wikiHow great. Rent from a flooring specialty shop rather than a general rental store. Columbus Floor Sanding is committed to providing excellence, quality craftsmanship and customer satisfaction. It was informative and has clearly helped me to. It's mainly labor: Compared to replacing your hardwood floors, which entails significant labor and materials costs, sanding your hardwood floors is relatively cheap; it's primarily labor you're paying for. wikiHow is where trusted research and expert knowledge come together. If you do have to sand between coats of polyurethane on floors because you didn’t get to the second coat within the required time frame then that’s a bummer. To learn how to sand the room’s edges, keep reading! The experts show how to install fold and lock hardwood flooring material. It’s best to tilt the sander back and start it while it’s not in contact with the floor. P.S There is a video on youtube about “how to refinish a hardwood floor” and it has over 300,000 views. Hardwood has color and graining variation, as well as knots and this is part of its natural beauty. Whitson’s Hardwood Flooring is a Hardwood Floor Sanding, Restoration, & Refinishing company dedicated to providing the best floor sanding, restoration, and refinishing services available in the greater Indianapolis area. You may be able to use a spackle knife and razor blade, or you may need to pry it off with a crowbar. When you stain the floor, you’ll see the sanding lines from the 36-grit still faintly going through the floor. So, the first step to take is to determine the sequence of the grit of the sandpaper. Last time I wrote about our floors, I had just gotten done removing the carpet adhesive and vinyl glue from three rooms- it was the first step … Switch your sandpaper regularly – it’s definitely something we learned the hard way. Let's compare. Sand the floor, starting with the board in the corner of the room. Special Note: We are using Rubio Monocoat as the floor finish. It’s easier to handle, and the random sanding pattern won’t leave directional scratches on the floor. You’ll do this several times—once for each grit of sandpaper you’re using. Joe refinished the floors in an old house we bought. After your initial sanding, switch to a medium grit sandpaper to get a smooth surface. Here's what you need to know. You’ll need to sand the entire floor, not just one section. Many people dream of having stunning wooden flooring in their homes, which may mean restoring the hardwood flooring they currently have. Keep pregnant women and children out of the house until the day's work is done and the area has been vacuumed with a HEPA-vac or wet/dry vac. If you want to finish with 100-grit sandpaper, you'll need special techniques to avoid burning the floor and paper. Whats people lookup in this blog: Can You Sand A Hardwood Floor … How deep it cuts depends on a few factors, like how coarse the sandpaper is. The larger random orbit sander is best for hardwood floors like oak. There are two basic methods: buffing or abrading the existing coat before refinishing, or, alternatively, applying a chemical “etching” kit. If your hardwood floors are dull and in need of rejuvenation, you should consider whether buffing or sanding is the right approach. But, do bear in mind that hardwood is a natural product and therefore, it will not be perfect. The total bill for this project is about $100. Learn how to refinish your hardwood floors yourself and have your house looking like new in no time. In between stages, clean the floor to remove dust and dirt. Basic Wood Floor Installation Basic Wood Floor Installation. The system used by Brabus Hardwood is the […] To sand hardwood floors, start by renting a drum sander and installing a coarse grit sandpaper onto the sander, which will remove any noticeable damage or old finish from your floors. Wear a HEPA-filter respirator and old clothes. All rights reserved. A respirator or at least a dust mask is a good idea in any case. The job requires using a buffer, which you can rent at a home center, and a vacuum to suck up dust. If you have any squeaks or loose floorboards, fix them before you begin sanding. If you see a tight repeating pattern of marks — "chatter" — there is likely something wrong with the machine. You have to remove the finish on the floor before you can properly sand out all the scratches and imperfections that have accumulated over the years. Don't miss HGTV in your favorite social media feeds. What kind of wood is it? It also requires less cleanup. Learn how to manage anxiety like a therapist. Hardwood Floor Screen/ Coat 5. Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read 179,604 times. Obviously the first thing you’ll need to do is remove all removable furniture … To decide the best solution that works for your home, here are seven things to consider before renewing or refinishing old hardwood floors. Sweep or vacuum all sanded rooms. Remember, never turn your sander on or off while it is in contact with the floor. These marks will be noticeable when you go to stain your wood floors. The idea of sanding the filler off is to remove the scratches from the last pass. Remodel or redecorate to your heart's content and your wood flooring still looks great and stays in style. Hard work that can be alleviated with the use of a floor sander.. With that said, I have now spoken to way too many people that will be sanding their floors by hand no matter what. But the right choice often comes down to where you'll be installing your new flooring. Leave the room for 10 to 15 minutes to let the powder settle. As I have said many times before sanding hardwood floors by hand can be a lot of hard work. If you are attempting to search for ideas for 16 Amazing Sanding Hardwood Floors with A Hand Sander after that this is the place to be. Hardwood floor sanding is a skilled job that takes practice and experience. swirl marks) in the wood, or if the finish has worn down to the wood in certain areas. Dust generated by sanding your floors creates an enormous mess and is known to be toxic. Store sandpaper at 60–80ºF and 45% relative humidity to keep it in good condition. It takes some elbow grease to refinish hardwood floors, but it's worth it. The more frequently you switch the paper, the faster you’ll be able to sand the floors. Sanding can be much more difficult or time-consuming on these surfaces: This article was co-authored by Jacob Pischer. Sanding Hardwood Floors with a Drum Sander (Refinishing Hardwood Floors, Part 2) **This post contains affiliate links** Well. Hardwood floor sanding has the potential and power to bring every hardwood floor back to its initial beauty and days of glory. Once you're ready to go you'll want to begin by sanding hardwood floors one room at a time. Sanding a Hardwood Floor. Although we are sanding the entire first floor, so far, we have only sanded 1/2 of it. Thanks! It’s more efficient than regular sanding and it’s healthier because it helps you maintain the indoor air quality. Rental stores have the three grades of sandpaper you need for successful floor refinishing: coarse, medium, and fine. 100% Dust-Free Resurfacing. As you can see, there is a lot of information you need to keep in mind when it comes to sanding hardwood floors when using an orbital sander. Want to surround yourself with art? Sanding hardwood floors can be an immensely satisfying DIY experience.
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