"They will go for fishes in ponds as they are big and easy to catch," he said. "Smooth-coated otters are larger than cats, they're really big," Mr Lee said. “The Bishan dad was able to keep the family together. About two months ago, Ms Cheng installed a battery-operated, low-powered electric fence, costing about $380, around her pond as a temporary measure to keep out the otters. When we started finding and following different otter families about 6 years ago, we often chanced upon uncles and aunties telling us they saw hundreds of otters everywhere in Singapore. 3 beds, 2 baths, 1470 sq. ❤️Wildlife in the city❤️ #singaporeotters #singapore #smoothcoatedotters #otter #wildlife #wildlifephotography #yummy #lunchinthesun #canon #canon5dmarkiv #5dmkiv #canonasia #canonsingapore #canonsg #canon_official #canon_photos #mbs #marinabaysands #marinareservoir #bishan10, A post shared by Bernard Seah (@bernardseah) on Nov 24, 2016 at 8:19pm PST. Get The New Paper for more stories. This article was first published on August 6, 2016. To provide feedback on wildlife issues, the public can contact AVA at 1800 476-1600. ... Just a couple of weeks ago, we were invited to the Singapore launch of Jules Taylor Wines at ONE°15 Marina, Sentosa Cove. “They spend time with family. He said: "Motion sensor lights will not bother the otters. An otter having a meal at the Botanic Gardens' Swan Lake. Otter watchers were thrilled early last year when the mother gave birth to five pups, and so the Bishan 10 was born. He has put up a barbed wire fence and motion sensor lights, while a neighbour has installed a low-powered electric fence. This is undoubtedly the answer that residents of Sentosa Cove might give, after hungry otters wreaked destruction upon their private koi and tilapia ponds. - Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park, where Bishan 10, a well-known family of otters, was first sighted in 2014. It has more than 9,000 Facebook followers. In the videos he submitted to Stomp, a family of seven otters can be seen swimming near the river bank. A spokesman for the resort said it has not had problems with otters of late. The Seattle Aquarium recently lost one of its most cherished marine mammals, an orphaned sea otter named Lootas, who lived to the rare age (for a sea otter… On April 2, when she returned from Japan at about 4am, she saw an otter near her pond. Otters have appeared in all sorts of locations throughout Singapore and caught the attention of amused passers-by. The divisional director of operations at Sentosa Leisure Management, Mr Koh Piak Huat, said: "Our priority has always been the safety of all guests and stakeholders on the island, and we urge everyone to refrain from feeding or provoking the otters in the event of an encounter, even though the mammal is generally not aggressive towards humans.". For the past few years, a family of smooth-coated otters has made appearances around. Sentosa. General manager Frederik Deman told The New Paper on Thursday: "We have regular visits of otters eating koi. Sentosa Cove residents told The New Paper on Wednesday that they have seen an increase in otters around their homes over the last two years. Now he has only two left after the rest were eaten by otters in more than 20 attacks over the past two years. Mr Chin told The New Paper on Wednesday that he was devastated to see his tilapia and other fish wiped out. MLS# 1318988. Most species of the semiaquatic animal live solitary lives. Photo: Courtesy of Constance Cheng. Featuring a full service bar and "fast casual" service style for food, we're your local spot to grab a casual lunch or dinner with friends or family any day of the week. These are all “helmed” by the Resorts’ mascot, Toots the frog. They include covering the fish ponds with netting or erecting a small barrier around them. But the rise of the urban otter has caused some conflicts with people. "Otters can be aggressive by nature, but they are not prone to attacking other animals or humans unless provoked," said Mr Lee. Anyone who sees the otters may contact the Sentosa Rangers at 1800 RANGERS (726-4377) for assistance. ST reported in July 2015 that otters were suspected of having feasted on ornamental koi at a Sentosa resort and Sentosa Cove home in April that … Life was already hardscrabble for the seven river otters known as the Zouk family. She is left with the sole survivor and about 30 offspring. Last July, My Paper reported that a Sentosa Cove resident lost $64,000 after her koi ended up as otter food. Said Ms Boopal: "It is important that the public is made aware to appreciate them from a distance and to leash their dogs when walking in otter sighting areas to prevent interaction (with)... the otters.". The family won’t be growing anytime soon because of risks to both staff and otters. The divisional director of operations at Sentosa Leisure Management, Mr Koh Piak Huat, said it had received only a small number of otter-related feedback in Sentosa this year. The species usually only eats fish, but they’ve been spotted tucking into shellfish such as prawns and crabs as well. End your day off with other Sentosa F&B promos, like a $48 picnic set from Good Old Days that’s good for two to three, or go all out with an $80++ Brazillian BBQ feast at W Sentosa. "Nobody is helping us. Within that timespan, the population of the smooth-coated otters increased, thanks in part to a non-fussy diet and Singapore’s sufficient ecosystem to support them. Mr N. Sivasothi, a biological sciences lecturer at the National University of Singapore (NUS), warned that such deterrents could be a hazard to children and pets such as cats and dogs. From Marlborough, New Zealand, this namesake winery started as and is still a boutique, family-owned-and-run company. She had bought two koi at just $8 each and the others at $60 to $80 each. The Bishan family of otters visited Gardens by the Bay on the first day of the Chinese New Year, which is a popular event among Singaporean families who see it as an auspicious activity. Another resident, Ms Constance Cheng, lost 22 of her 25 koi in two attacks last October. Targeted at the mid-tier family market, business and MICE (Meetings, Incentive, Conventions and Exhibition) travellers, the Sentosa Village will have 606 rooms across three room types. Residents at Sentosa Cove installed motion sensor lights and barbed wire fences to keep otters from feeding in their fish ponds. Read more at stomp.straitstimes.com ... Sentosa Cove resident installs electric fence to stop otter from eating fishes in house. When videos of three pups playing together surfaced in April 2015, the nickname SG50 triplets was quickly given to them, which helped to increase their fame, and the entire family became known as the Bishan 5. "Whether the fences will work or not depends on their height and the density of the wire. "We have tried everything, including reinforcing the security and CCTVs (closed-circuit television), but it is not easy to stop the otters. Relaxing poolside in a cabana while the kids make use of the pool and water play area sounds just the ticket to us after a busy day. Jul 9, 2015, 5:50 am SGT. Another resident, who declined to be named, said she has seen two otters on the footpath and in her swimming pool this year. "Simple fibreglass barriers for koi ponds, for example, would be enough to prevent otter access," he said. In the 1960s, it was a common sight to see them playing along Singapore’s many riverbanks; however, their numbers rapidly dwindled through the 1970s due to Singapore’s extensive land reclamation projects. Otter familes of Singapore – more families in the south. They jump inside the ponds and take the fish. Otter enthusiast Jeffrey Teo, 45, said there are three reasons that people are seeing more otters now. Although there was no known proof of actual rat poisoning, the otter died soon after in July 2017. "As Sentosa is surrounded by water, the presence of these semi-aquatic mammals can be expected at the coastal areas, and we welcome them as an integral part of our island's wildlife," he said. The founder of nature conservation group Nature Trekker, Mr Ben Lee, 53, thinks the measures to fend off the otters would not be effective. Apparently, much like Singaporeans, they enjoy a gourmet bite to eat now and again, eating their way through $80,000 worth of ornamental fish in Sentosa last year. AVA was monitoring to see if she recovers on her own...but she seems to disappear after a few days. Photo: The New Paper. They like to swim, eat good food and do a little sunbathing.” The fact the otters are even found here, in one of the densest cities in the world, provokes astonishment. The electric fence may give them a scare, but otters are strong and agile creatures. Experts agree that otters are not a danger to humans. ft. house located at 35609 57th Ave S, Auburn, WA 98001 sold for $597,060 on Feb 13, 2018. A few condominiums on the island also had their fishes taken by otters and their ponds have been empty for one to two years. Sofitel Singapore Sentosa Resort & Spa has suffered one of the biggest losses so far - about $85,000 worth of arowana and koi since last December. One of the first male otters sighted in the Marina Bay family was suspected to have been poisoned. Mr Lee said what the Sentosa Cove residents are experiencing may just be a congregation of otters in one place. There is a new kind of family-friendly staycation fun - and it comes in the form of the newly-opened Village Hotel at Sentosa! Eventually, it jumped into the water.". There are more and more sightings of wild otters in Singapore in recent years. Ottercity was created last June as a platform to share original collections of otter stories, pictures and videos in Singapore. Late last year, the semi-aquatic mammals were spotted in the Sentosa Cove area. In December 2017, a five-year-old girl on holiday in Singapore with her family was bitten by an otter near Gardens by the Bay. "In terms of their worth, the sentimental value is much more than anything else.". The battery-operated, low-powered electric fence cost about $380. They face almost no natural predators around the island, and humans so far have not been inclined to harm them.Until recently, the most famous of Singapore’s smooth-coated otters was a family living in Bishan. Prime land next to Singapore’s sparkling waterways brimming with fish had been seized by other clans, forcing the hapless group to wander the city-state each day in search of food and shelter. Last year, Shangri-La's Rasa Sentosa Resort & Spa relocated fishes in its pond after some of them disappeared during the time otters were seen on the island, The Straits Times reported. She said: "We kept the fish for seven years. The resident, who wanted to be known only as Mr Chin, said that he and several of his neighbours have lost so many fish to the otters that they have resorted to desperate measures to keep the mammals out. Published. Remains of the fishes were found around the pond after the resort's associates saw the otters feeding on them. Hotels and condominiums have also been affected, with a hotel losing about $85,000 worth of fish over the past eight months. - Gardens by the Bay, where Marina 9, a pack of otters, was first sighted in 2013. When videos of three pups playing together surfaced in April 2015, the nickname SG50 triplets was quickly given to them, which helped to increase their fame, and the entire family became known as the Bishan 5. Photo: The New Paper. April 2015 In a video taken two weeks ago, an otter is seen swimming and scurrying out of the resort with a fish gripped in its jaws. The problem seems to have worsened since then, with about 20 home owners in the posh neighbourhood having problems with otters. Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa lost more than 50 ornamental fishes during the period - late last year till June - when otters were seen in the resort. 4 beds, 2.5 baths, 2884 sq. Ms Constance Cheng installed an electric fence and motion sensor lights around her pond. ft. house located at 10417 241st Ave SE, Monroe, WA 98272 sold for $390,000 on Jul 31, 2018. Sofitel Singapore lost $85,000 worth of fishes. It may be about 12 years in the wild. "The current population has not increased over the past year or so. Sentosa, Labrador, occasionally visits HortPark. MLS# 1205160. Hotels in Sentosa were also affected, with one hotel reporting a loss of $85,000 worth of fish over eight months. Otters have become a common sight in Singapore’s cityscape, but until now, we didn’t know how quintessentially Singaporean these critters are.. Last week, birdwatcher Vincent Yip managed to catch a family of otters near Pandan River — and for once, the otters were the ones doing the watching. Sometimes it seems like the otters have their own PR agency. Of the other four tilapia, three had vanished. ", "There are many potential predators of young cubs - birds of prey and other carnivorous birds, large monitor lizards, crocodiles and feral dogs.". As strong swimmers, they can travel long distances in the water at high speeds.". Watch the big game. "I used the broom to chase it back into the water, but I didn't dare to go too near to it. Once thought to be extinct in Singapore, wild otters are making a comeback to the urban city state. The divisional director of operations at Sentosa Leisure Management, Mr Koh Piak Huat, said it had received only a small number of otter-related feedback in Sentosa this year. Monitor Lizards Battle It Out Along Pandan River, Otters Swim Over To Watch The Action. When he passed away, there was a lot of reflection among otter watchers about our own lives and our own accomplishments,” said Sivasothi N., a biologist at the National University of Singapore, better known as the Otterman because of his expertise with the animals. Fast forward to 2012, and a small handful of sightings are reported, mostly on the East Coast and occasionally in the Marina Reservoir. Smooth-coated otters are not new to Singapore. Also, phone cameras and social media allow immediate and regular sharing.". "The management is reviewing these incidents and considering alternative measures to protect the fishes while not posing a risk of harming the wildlife.". "They are potentially dangerous in residential areas. You Otter Go There. ST FILE PHOTO. There are more families of otters in the south of Singapore that are not as famous as the Bishan and Marina families. "In captivity, the record (of an otter's life span) is about 18 years. Only a small number were on nuisance issues, such as the loss of fish from private ponds to animal attacks. But Singapore’s prevalent otter, the smooth-coated variety, is unusually social. The otters have not been seen on the property since June. When a Sentosa Cove resident started keeping tilapia five years ago, they bred quickly and he ended up with hundreds of them. We have not bought any fish since March.". Otter fight can be fatal. There are two species of otters in SG – smooth-coated otters and Asian small-clawed otters… Promotion period: Till 27th Dec 2020 Enjoy deals at Sentosa But nature experts say these measures may not work because otters are intelligent animals that will find ways to get past these obstacles. We just want to cohabit with the otters peacefully.". She was badly hurt during a fight with the Bishan gang (Near the old Zouk). The Village Hotel at Sentosa’s family room features two adjoining rooms with separate sets of bathrooms and amenities for parents and children.
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