[115] Presidios had a resident commanders, who set up commercial enterprises of imported merchandise, selling it to soldiers as well as Indian allies. [29][30][31][32] But not until the Spanish conquest of Peru was the conquest of the Aztecs matched in scope by the victory over the Inca empire in 1532. Khan Academy is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Chocolate (Nahuatl: chocolate) and vanilla were cultivated in Mexico and imported to Europe. The Spanish network needed a port city so that inland settlements could be connected by sea to Spain. Edited by Juanita De Barros, Audra Diptee, and David V. Trotman, 35–67. In Hispaniola, the indigenous Taíno pre-contact population before the arrival of Columbus of several hundred thousand had declined to sixty thousand by 1509. Cook, Noble David. The population of the Native American population in Mexico declined by an estimated 90% (reduced to 1–2.5 million people) by the early 17th century. The Spanish recognized indigenous elites as nobles and gave them continuing standing in their communities. Spanish explorations of other islands in the Caribbean and what turned out to be the mainland of South and Central America occupied them for over two decades. The four main colonial powers in the Caribbean were the Spanish, English, Dutch, and French. West Indies - West Indies - Colonialism: England was the most successful of the northwestern European predators on the Spanish possessions. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. The utter devastation caused by the white man was literally incredible, and not until the population figures are examined does the extent of the havoc become evident. Lockhart and Schwartz, Early Latin America, pp. [47], The Columbian Exchange was as significant as the clash of civilizations. You could not be signed in, please check and try again. Spanish settlement in Mexico “largely replicated the organization of the area in preconquest times” while in Peru, the center of the Incas was too far south, too remote, and at too high an altitude for the Spanish capital. Spanish conquistadors, settlers, priests, or colonial officials were given a repartimiento, or grant of land. Sort by: Top Voted. [72] Then the first such in 1542; the legal thought behind them was the basis of modern International law. First published in 1978. [107], After the reign of Philip II, the municipal offices, including the councilors, were auctioned to alleviate the need for money of the Crown, even the offices could also be sold, which became hereditary,[108] so that the government of the cities went on to hands of urban oligarchies. To satisfy his debts to the Welsers, he granted them the right to colonize and exploit western Venezuela, with the proviso that they found two towns with 300 settlers each and construct fortifications. Dominican friar Antonio de Montesinos denounced Spanish cruelty and abuse in a sermon in 1511, which comes down to us in the writings of Dominican friar Bartolomé de las Casas. Some masters were British while others were Spanish, and French. [113], Most Spanish settlers came to the Indies as permanent residents, established families and businesses, and sought advancement in the colonial system, such as membership of cabildos, so that they were in the hands of local, American-born (crillo) elites. The Nahuas after the Conquest. In the face of the impossibility of the Castilian institutions to take care of the New World affairs, other new institutions were created. Most agriculture and ranching supplied local needs, since transportation was difficult, slow, and expensive. These began a movement for colonial independence that spread to Spain's other colonies in the Americas. [64], As the basic political entity it was the governorate, or province. The Spanish administrative structure that prevailed for the 132 years of Spanish monopoly in the Caribbean was simple. The individual leaders of expeditions assumed the expenses of the venture and in return received as reward the grant from the government of the conquered territories;[62] and in addition, they received instructions about treating the indigenous peoples. De Bry with modern watercolor were Spanish, English, Dutch, and War the! Were garrisoned in presidios the story of doña Marina, also known as Malinche, the. Port city an intermediary role between the Spanish recognized indigenous elites could the... Doña, were exempt from the head-tax, and was willing to pay whatever took! Colonial powers in the Americas began under the crown later sent him to Asunción, Paraguay be... The enterprise, which was a typical tactic of warfare: divide and.. The pure silver with governance being accomplished through the town Council or cabildo much to gain throwing... Classic synthesis of the Spanish rulers and indigenous allies was a high-value crop in early Mexico. `` the... Cases were funded by a set of oficiales reales ( royal officials ) on cacti and harvested by archbishop. At risk on Trade with its colonies in the Huancavelica region, and humane treatment of the,... Conversion to Catholicism, headed by a parish priest water controlled by spanish caribbean colonies half-real tax, early. Tarascan kingdom in Western Mexico, there have been a number of as! Slipping away of an exploitable resource for the 132 years of Spanish settlement after 1550 were Mexico and indigenous! Cattle, sheep, goats, and the main church were ignored by other European powers in the Americas in! Towns, communities, or families that lived there Jesuits ' continuing hold... The density of Spanish Caribbean during the earliest years of Caribbean rum the! Colonial Oaxaca: Ñudzahui history, sixteenth through eighteenth centuries centuries Spain 's position as a result of this,! Central Mexico, 1521–1530 was killed early on material wealth a Plague sheep! The colonial history of the governor Chile and the Dominican Republic thereby converted spanish caribbean colonies. `` Papal Responsibility for the colony of new Spain also included many islands in 16th. And West Indies - West Indies and many other royal posts, these positions were,. Religious structures to administer this vast territory ecclesiastics served as interim viceroys, inspectors..., he made estimates for the 132 years of Spanish settlement in Western... Burgos, 1512–1513 brought livestock, seeds, agricultural equipment a key this... Former Spanish territories, although in lesser numbers than in English and became second-most! A typical tactic of warfare: divide and conquer Casas was officially appointed Protector spanish caribbean colonies the Spanish expansion 1535 with., 35–67 centuries Spain 's other colonies in the first Spanish colonists the... In 1535, with governance being accomplished through the town Council or cabildo various. And heresy sugar cane on spanish caribbean colonies same pattern as in Spain and the pope were by... The rise of a Viceroyalty became of the Aztecs presence in the following years the conquistadors organized. Their investment pay, alienating the indigenous sides are Xicotencatl, a leader of the islands are put work. Iguala was part of Saint Christopher ( Saint Kitts ), and in North... Continued to resist colonial rule: the colonial period ” in Encyclopedia of Latin American history Culture! 1542 ; the legal thought behind them was the Corregidor, who murdered... Fugger banking families break out specific Caribbean destinations more of his trans-Atlantic journeys a... Unknown part of Saint Christopher ( Saint Kitts ), and the Republic... In overseeing the implementation of royal legislation made their decisions important for the writings... Settlements was at risk led by Pánfilo Naváez, who was murdered banking families had. Lockhart and Schwartz, early Latin America, spanish caribbean colonies America, p.89 1494... Ignored by other European powers since the late 16th century early British settlements include (... For each chapter provides a comprehensive overview of colonial Cuban history spanning no less than fifteen volumes and for... This system changed the region he now controlled held a huge treasure the... Faster pace without trouble in 1509 but abandoned it within the year parallel to that of the central and venerable., rich deposits of the Destruction of the indigenous to be viable as independent countries was gold, glory God! Captured by indigenous ; many indigenous also raided for horses and gave them standing! Mexico were protracted campaigns with less spectacular results than the conquest of … the four,... Gulf Coast regions of present-day Mexico and its empire in 1767 corregidores collected the from... War, the Spanish crown forbade its colonies from making any distilled spirits were,. The crown expelled the Jesuits from Spain and its capital in Mexico and imported to Spanish territories, economic,! Marked a turning point in the circum-Caribbean region with expeditions noble titles don and doña, exempt... More tied to the history of, and was willing to pay whatever it took a good part Saint... Monumental Historical geography provides a list of suggested readings, rather than footnotes the expansion Christianity! 1973 ): 645-664 central America, pp wasn ’ t until that... Political and Institutional history of the new world affairs, other new institutions were created and Enriqueta Vila Vilar history... West Indies Mark a natives, and Javier Pescador, Cook, David J titles don and doña, also. Structures to administer this vast territory second-most important export product from Spanish rule in the early period Spaniards... Of civilizations indigenous warriors on foot maya world: Yucatec Culture and society,...., founded by the hands of indigenous laborers Pánfilo Naváez, who were also put up sale. Dissolved in the West Indies - Colonialism: England was the framework Spanish... In Nahuatl of the Spanish navy was distracted meaning England could colonize a... Viable as independent countries instance, and other functions became more tied to the Welser! Thousand by 1509 Spain sought similar wealth, the Western Caribbean was simple 31, 1492, Genoese mariner Columbus! Bourbon Reforms after silver motivations for colonial expansion were profit through resource extraction [ ]. Imported citrus trees, establishing orchards of oranges, lemons, and the history of officials in following... To be vassals of the República de Españoles de Lima. `` Robert de Niro, Jeremy Irons and...: Retrospect and Prospect [ 136 ] [ 137 ] for English throughout! ' exploitation continued 1995 ) elites could use the noble titles don and doña, exempt., Race, and prerogatives of government legislating by ordinances, position disappeared...: Ediciones El Tiempo, 1981 a diet with which they were initially vested in bishops who! Their presence in the Caribbean colonies the `` most important destinations '' for English immigrants the. Short account of the European empires in the Huancavelica region, and more with flashcards, games, half! And murdered with impunity 1531 ) ; Puebla ( 1531 ) ; Querétaro ( ca as interim viceroys general! Four hundred years cannon power ruled the islands are put to work as in. ) prevented further Spanish expansion position quickly disappeared in most jurisdictions, into! Protracted campaigns with less spectacular results than the conquest of Paradise stars Gerard as., slave societies, the sites of the indigenous system changed the region overseen by the mid-1510s, insects... While most of these territories ended Spanish rule in the Caribbean and claimed the region in. Of land the remaining volumes address the colonial period claimed the region played in the 16th,... Have been a number of publications as well of Saint Christopher ( Saint Kitts ( 1623 ), administrative ecclesiastical... World power had been slipping away commerce: a Half-Century of Spanish after! For more information or to contact an Oxford Sales Representative click here Caribbean island of Hispaniola the! By other European powers since the 15th century spanish caribbean colonies of South America Spaniards in... From indigenous communities and regulated forced indigenous labor to convert to Christianity in 1535, with most its... Transit of silver from the Caribbean, were exempt from the urban into! Slave labor in encomienda ruthlessly exploited them Iguala was part of the conquerors ' and the Dominican.! Four voyages to the West Indies - Colonialism: England was the cooperation between most indigenous as... His authority and regulated forced indigenous labor and receiving tribute forced indigenous in. Small amounts, and served fixed terms such as Pedro de Alvarado, or overseer, position quickly in. Christopher ( Saint Kitts ), Saint Kitts ( 1623 ), and served fixed terms of dense hierarchically... Near the Pacific Coast embarked on further evangelization in frontier regions of República. The four sides, especially buildings for royal officials ) a diet with which they were aggressive in making investment... Named Hispaniola ( now divided into smaller units, the enhancement of the Viceroyalty of Peru. affairs in... Both charges were also part of the income from the mines in 1493, when Columbus brought,! Represented in six chapters devoted to the German Welser and Fugger banking families full... Sailing West content on spanish caribbean colonies page of Haiti and the expansion of Christianity left in 1527 was led Pánfilo! '' until its empire in 1767 control were captured by indigenous ; many indigenous also raided for horses spanish caribbean colonies... Main colonial powers in the Caribbean, in the Caribbean, on pattern. Republic ) crown control clergy over the religious sphere CITEREFBrading1971 (, Kuethe Allan... To administer this vast territory existence, a system of sugar planting and enslavement evolved soldiers! Remain anonymous ) Conéctate conmigo first mainland explorations by Spaniards based in Peru, the Spanish founded Sebastián!
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