It was through UX research that I first got to experience many of the newer research solutions we now take for granted, often years ahead of some of my MR colleagues: remote video research, behavioural economic analysis (aka ‘heuristic reviews’), eye-tracking, passive tracking (aka ‘netnography’), mobile video ethnography, heatmap and annotation tools and many more had a good … Do you optimise for the shrinking market or change market? Increasingly, AI and ML are shaping the way we build products and design experiences. What do you advise a business does if we find that user needs have changed? Und welche Methoden ergeben sich daraus für die Marktforschung? Cost: free webinar (this no-cost offer is being extended to both IA and QRCA members, and non-members as well). How would you identify that you are experiencing bias? UX Career Webinar Series Interviews & Portfolio Reviews with Design Experts in Asia Every Wednesday, 8pm-9pm (GMT+8) It is very common for people to list the methodologies they have used, such as usability testing or depth interviews. The history of bad design is the history of designs which looked beautiful in the boardroom but were completely ineffectual in the real world. 24 . I’ve been involved in agencies for over 20 years and I am still a long way from getting this right every time. 9:30 – … Stream the on-demand webinar. We respect your privacy and will not share your details with any 3rd parties. To continue, please accept the use of cookies. Furthermore you ensure a consistent and continued usage of standardized UX metrics/questionnaires. UX Research That Serves Communities . Please check your email to access the Zoom link for our webinar events. You can apply UX research at any stage of the design process. Particularly, what makes a good user research CV and what’s missing from most of them. This is only a personal view but I actually think that constraints bring out the best in design. All good research seeks to answer questions, so you need to start by asking good questions and being crystal clear on what you want to learn. Like most websites, ours uses cookies to make sure you receive the best experience possible. If the webinar has lit a fire then brilliant – and keep learning. On 20.05.2020 The starting point is that we are all biased all the time from our heads to our toes. I find Gothelf’s “Lean UX” really useful as it explores how UX can be introduced pragmatically and efficiently in both start–up and established business. A6. Copyright © 2020 CuriousCore Inc. All Rights Reserved. The pandemic is changing how we work and what we seek. Sara and Horyun will be discussing how their roles impact Microsoft's customer experience, methods' and processes for collecting and sharing customer feedback and insights, and the … Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. These cookies are safe and secure and do not store any sensitive information. I think you can and should do both. sometimes I find that getting so involved and invested in research can block a feeling of creativity to design. UX Design Institute offer an online Diploma, Excite them about the possibility of good experience, Understand and embrace your role (the science of influence), DON’T get into an opinion vs opinion face off – no one wins, DO get the user’s voice into the discussion – not yours, DON’T assume that you are right and they are wrong – you are likely to be carrying your own biases, DO try to show first–hand user feedback – using artefacts such as interview transcripts, audio and video, DON’T use hackneyed designer phrases – e.g. – we didn’t get a chance to speak about the role of data during the webinar, but ultimately data tells you if a design decision is right or wrong, How the building will be used by those in it, Where the sun rises and sets relative to the building. Receive our monthly insights newsletter straight to your inbox. 23. A3. Die SKOPOS NOVA evaluiert für ihre Auftraggeber Websites, Apps und Produkt-Interfaces, von der ersten Idee bis hin zum erfolgreichen Launch. Aber warum ist der Fokus auf UX eigentlich so wichtig? Participants provided a number of great feedback points for the event itself, as well as to the montors who volunteered their time. Not every project affords enough time or budget for proper research, and that's okay. This case study is part of a design challenge in which I was asked to explore live streaming as a media format especially in the current situation with COVID-19 and come up with a mobile app design which uses it interestingly. Wir haben Ihren User im Fokus und UX Research & Usability im Kopf. Most UX CVs don’t do their owners justice. When you do UX research, you’ll be better able to give users the best solutions—because you can discover exactly what they need. As explained in The Guide to Usability Testing, we can break up user research into three groups. A4. --> Buy the UX Research Portfolio webinar on Vimeo <--0 Comments UX Research Portfolio Workshop. So, we take short cuts. As in: they will not budge on their opinion for the better of the product. How Uber Japan failed to localize their UX. Very valuable talk so thank you. Thank you for signing up! Some great questions were sent in from among the 75 people who attended. Sehen Sie sich unser neuestes UX-Webinar an! Being more certain keeps us from building the wrong thing, and allows us to design and strategize with more accuracy. But sometimes being more certain means being pragmatic, less precious, and more practical. Apr . Latest UX Articles. Kostenloses Webinar: Wie User Research so gestaltet werden kann, dass er wirklich nachhaltig Nutzen schafft. I’m a Graphic Designer transitioning over to UX and hoping that once I’m on a UX team it will be part of our workflow. Where would you advise I start? Q5. 9 Dec (Wed): Interview with Jia En Koh, UX Researcher at Trip Advisor, 16 Dec (Wed): Interview with Wu Han Ngeow, Chief Product Officer at Mindvalley, Every alternate Monday, 8pm-9.30pm (GMT+8). Japan. On 20.05.2020 we ran the first lunchtime webinar in our UX Bites series, beginning with ‘Getting UX research right’. They go straight to the source — the user. November 2020. A1. Discover themes and spot patterns through interactive visualizations. The idea I came up with was an app exclusively for webinars. (Thanks for the kind feedback on the webinar Victoria.). Advanced Prototyping with States; Test, Learn, Change: Mobile UX Best practices and Learnings From 600+ Audits; Prototyping of apps to manage smart homes; Design in the Name of … UX Research Fundamentals. According to a recent job posting by IBM, as a design researcher, you will “help provide actionable and meaningful data-driven insights that represent the voice of multiple users. Atomic UX Research is a user experience research framework to manage, store, and nurture data and insights. 621t0n0q. Or both? However, in the context of a design process, or a software or digital project, there are some tell–tale signs: Q7. Sie erfahren mehr über: Vorteile von Eyetracking in Kombination mit anderen Usertesting-Methoden UX-DAY Online Training - jetzt anmelden! The seminal books which influence this include Norman’s “Design of everyday things” and Krug’s “Don’t make me think”. A2. The job of user research is to help us be more certain in our work. Hochwertige UX Trainings & Seminare bei Usability & User Experience, menschzentrierte Digitalisierung, UX Strategy & Design - profitieren Sie von unserer langjährigen Erfahrung aus … Please check your inbox to confirm subscription and receive your welcome email. You might kindly call it art, but more realistically call it self–aggrandisement. In this episode, join Sara Lerner, Senior Program Manager, Customer Research at Microsoft, and Horyun Song, UX Researcher at Microsoft, in a fireside chat with UserTesting Solutions Consultant, Josh Camire. How a simple human centered redesign reduced lost items to zero overnight. The purpose of the UX researcher (also referred to as “user researcher” or “design researcher”) is to unearth human insights in order to guide the application of design. Thinkful Webinar | Intro to UX/UI Design: User Research, Thinkful Webinar, Monday, 23. How do professional designers create a user-friendly experience? As a student, what is the best way for me to practise, demonstrate and find as much benefit as possible from user research as someone who is studying UX/UI design (specialising on the UI side of the discipline)? box below. Should we just go with her insights? and competing priorities balancing the current vs the future. Diese Begriffe sind gerade in aller Munde und ihre Verwendung startet in mancher Marktforschungsumgebung eine kleine Revolution.
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