The Siege of Petersburg occurred from June 15-18 1864. This was to be a evolving era for the … the siege of petersburg When twenty-three-year-old George S. Bernard marched off to war in April 1861 as a member of the Petersburg Rifles, he left behind a city of no small accomplishments. Welcome to The Siege of Petersburg Online, an information compilation site focusing on the Siege of Petersburg during the American Civil War. The Richmond-Petersburg Campaign was, rather than a true siege, a series of nine offensives by the Union forces against the Confederates defending Petersburg and Richmond, Virginia. Beginning after the unsuccessful attack of the city of Petersburg … Petersburg was just twenty … Maps of the Siege of Petersburg MAP: Region Embraced in the Operations of the Armies against Richmond and Petersburg (Michler) MAP: Map of the Virginia Campaigns of 1864-5 (Battles and … The great and long-lasting assault on the severely dug-in trenches of the Rebel horde, made the Siege of Petersburg… Siege of Leningrad, prolonged siege (September 8, 1941–January 27, 1944) of the city of Leningrad (St. Petersburg) in the Soviet Union by German and Finnish armed forces during World War II. The Siege of Petersburg, also known as the Breakthrough at Petersburg, was a decisive Yankee victory and sent the great General Lee into hiding. The siege … So, do you think … The Siege of Petersburg is the popular name for the series of battles, skirmishes, and trench warfare that took place around Petersburg, Virginia in the last year of the Civil War. The campaign for Petersburg … The “Richmond-Petersburg Campaign” is less a siege as the Union forces are not enclosing the city, but constantly attacking the CSA in attempts to cut the railroad lines that supply General Robert E. Lee and … However, it was actually a series of battles fought around Petersburg from 9 June 1864 to March 25, 1865. The Third Battle of Petersburg, also known as the Breakthrough at Petersburg or the Fall of Petersburg, was fought on April 2, 1865, south and southwest of Petersburg, Virginia, at the end of the 292-day Richmond–Petersburg Campaign (sometimes called the Siege of Petersburg… The Battle of Petersburg Assault on Petersburg General Ulysses S. Grant’s failure to capture Richmond or destroy the Confederate Army of Northern Virginia during the Overland Campaign (May 4-June 12, 1864) caused him to cast his glance toward Petersburg… Battle Of Petersburg Summary: The Battle of Petersburg (aka Siege of Petersburg) was a series of battles around the cities of Richmond and Petersburg, Virginia, fought from June 15, 1864, to April 2, 1865, during the civil war. Much of its … These battles occurred during the American civil war. Petersburg's Siege is part of a series of battles around Petersburg, Virginia, that took place from June 9th, 1864 to March 25th, 1864.