Our Team

We are a diverse team of dreamers and doers with a vision to make sales outsourcing easier and more accessible.

We know the demand that is placed on our clients and we strive to find a way to turn them to a winner.

Praveen Kumar

Dr. Praveen Kumar


 “Great ideas and visions become tangible reality for me when shared with passion teamed with good strategies.”

Sales and the spirit of salesmanship have been closely related to him since a very young age. His intellectual curiosity, vision and ability to make difficult but important decisions have made him the leader that he is today, to oversee the process. He has a deep personal understanding of the responsibilities, challenges and opportunities.

Yash Chugh

Yash Chugh

Vice President – Sales

“I believe that our dedication and service to our clients is second to none.”

He has worn many hats as the company has grown and he believes in strong relations in house with the personal team and with the clients. He believes in being tenacious and that having passion for the clients is the key to “solving the complex to create winners.”

Sagar Rajput

Sagar Rajput

Digital Marketing Director

“With a passionate digital team you can effectively contribute to your own digital footprint and personal brand.”

He is passionate, inquisitive and empathetic and applies these traits to truly understand the client’s world and choose the digital marketing solutions that will mesh best with the parameters. He ensures that the internet and digital tools are used in a way that can be highly useful when leveraged properly.