Which of the following constitute a food chain { (Grass, Wheat and Mango), (Grass, goat and Human),(Goat, cow … Actually the aggregate fruit is the collection of small fruits, known as etaerio of fruitlets. (a) multicarpellary, apocarpous ovary (b) multicarpellary, syncarpous ovary asked Aug 30 in Reproductive Morphology by Raju03 ( 53.4k points) reproductive morphology C. Which one of the following statements is correct? Because in apocarpous ovary, each carpel is separated from one another, therefore it forms a fruitlet. Fruitlets that are derived from a single flower are collectively called as etaerio. Aggregate Fruits . (a) 62. ‘Cladode’ is a characteristic morphological feature of (a) Asparagus and Ruscus Aggregate Fruit: A group of separate fruits develop from carpels (apocarpous) of one flower, e.g., Michelia champaca and Magnolia grandiflora of Magnoliaceae etc. d) Complete inflorescence. True fruits develop from ovaries of multicarpellary apocarpous gynoecium of a single flower... d Aggregate fruit.Ovary of each carpel develops in to a fruit let. a) A simple fruit. Hi Fruits developing from apocarpous ovary are aggregate fruits. A collection of simple fruitlets makes an aggregate fruit. A fruit which develops from a condensed inflorescence is called . An aggregate fruit is one which develops from (a) multicarpellary syncarpous gynoecium (b) multicarpellary apocarpous gynoecium (c) complete inflorescence (d) multicarpellary superior ovary. 90. 45. Wrong Answer Wrong Explanation Wrong Question Question not related to topic Spelling Mistakes. An aggregate fruit is one which develops from (1) multicarpellary syncarpous gynoecium (2) multicarpellary apocarpus gynoecium (3) complete inflorescence (4) multicarpellary superior ovary. A. Aggregate fruits develop from a single flower having an apocarpous pistil. Each fruitlet of an aggregate fruit represents a single o vary’ of any apocarpous pistil.The fruitlets of a group are collectively called as etaerio. The mericarp contains one or two seeds. 1. Q59: NEET - 2014. Aggregate fruit is defined as the one which develops from. each of the free carpel is develops into a simple fruitlet. 10. A fruit that contains a number of small fruits (fruitlets) is called an aggregate fruit. An aggregate fruit is one which develops from-A. 44. The fruits develop from mono or bi or multicarpellary superior or inferior ovary. An aggregate fruit develops from the apocarpous ovary of a flower. These fruits develop from multicarpellary apocarpous ovary. c) Multicarpellary superior ovary. Aggregate fruit develops from (a) multicarpellary, apocarpous ovary (b) multicarpellary ovary (c) multicarpellary, syncarpous ovary (d) monocarpellary ovary Ans. Aggregate Fruit: These fruits develop from multicarpellary apocarpous ovary in which all carpels ripe together and are aggregated as a unit on a common receptacle. Aggregate means collection of small fruits. An individual ovary develops into a drupe, achene, follicle or berry. Aggregate Fruit. multicarpellary syncarpous gynoecium B. multicarpellary apocarpous gynoecium C. complete inflorescence D. multicarpellary superior ovary. Respiratory quotient (R.cL) during early stages of germination of castor seed is (a) one (b) zero a) Multicarpellary apocarpus gynoecium ... Multicarpellary syncarpous gynoecium. Aggregate fruit develops from a. Multicarpellary,apocarpous ovary b. Multicarpellary, syncarpous ovary c. Multicarpellary ovary d. Whole inflorescence 4. Lotus fruit is. A fruit develops from a single flower with multicarpellary, apocarpous, superior ovary is (Aggregate fruit, composite fruit, simple fruit, multiple fruit) 2. The seed in grasses is not endospermic B. Mango is a parthenocarpic fruit.

an aggregate fruit which develops from multicarpellary apocarpous ovary is

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