Road connections between KY 18 and Idlewild Road, between KY 18 and East Bend Road, and between Idlewild Road and Bullittsville Road should be made. Stormwater Management and Erosion Control. The area west of Bullittsville Road within the year 2026 65 DNL noise contour level can continue to contain some Low Density Residential as well as Recreation uses. Limaburg Creek Road is inadequate to carry industrial traffic and intersects KY 18 at a dangerous location. Industrial traffic should not utilize Elijahs Creek Road unless that road is significantly upgraded for its entire length. The Boone County Planning Commission may recommend a candidate for this position. The Official Zoning Map of Boone County, Indiana, which is a part of the Zoning Ordh'1ance, is hereby changed to designate the 348.80 acres, more or less, ofland located in Perry THE GOLFCUJB OF INDIANA PUD ORDINANCE AS ADOPTED BY BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS OF"BOONE COUNTY ON SECOND READING ON NOVEMBER 12,1999 3 Local zoning ordinances should be consistent with the purposes stated in Indiana code, and most important, the ordinance is … Landscaping is intended to soften the visual impacts of the development from adjoining properties and roadways. Building code is a model code that each community can adopt and adapt according to its own needs. This Land Use Element is the culmination of the preceding six elements of the Boone County Comprehensive Plan. Boundary Fences: Iowa Code Sections 359A.1A and 359A.2 Spite Fences: Iowa Code Section 657.1 Tree Trimming: Harndon v.Stultz,100 N.W. Any business development along Grand National Boulevard must include proper ingress and egress, and provide for needed modifications to the roadway and/or its intersection with KY 338. In general, growth in this area should be limited. Development along Hathaway Road, west of Camp Ernst Road, should be limited. Reconstruction of the Mt. Planned Business Park development on Conrad Lane east of KY 237 should be accessed through industrial development to the north and not contain access to Conrad Lane, unless Conrad Lane is connected in the future to Aero Parkway to the east. This section of the County should experience substantial growth. Below the hillsides, land uses in the Ohio River floodplain should remain agricultural, Rural Density Residential, or river related recreational. Limited Rural Density residential growth should occur along other roads in this section as further Suburban Residential development cannot be adequately supported by the existing road system without significant improvements to Williams Road. Overcrowded tourist conditions include such impacts as noise, lack of parking, blockage of the street, trash, etc. should be addressed through strategic improvements defined by the 2004 Rabbit Hash Historical Society Task Force report. This includes the use of frontage roads as well as parking lot connections and shared curb cuts. Development should also consider and embrace the area’s historic and cultural aspects. Undeveloped tracts of commercial land should connect to and coordinate with any adjoining commercial, office, or industrial development in existence. The limits continue along the back of properties fronting on U.S. 42 down to Pleasant Valley Road and then to U.S. 42 to Longbranch Road which serves as the southern boundary. Here, it is undisputed that Reynolds did not, by 8 December 3, 2018, “remove in its entirety that building, that fence, and that satellite receiver dish from the Boone County setback area and Boone County’s North Creasy Springs Road Right of Way[. Commercial development along Richwood Road should be screened from the roadway, and serve the developing residential uses in the Richwood – Union area. This should be evaluated during the county-wide zoning update or through a special study. Limited residential growth should occur along the major roads leading to this area. Boone County Zoning Regulations • 2014 Update 2 ARTICLE 5: ESTABLISHMENT OF DISTRICTS; PROVISION FOR OFFICIAL ZONING MAP Section 1. However, special attention should be given to controlling and coordinating access points with this area. This plan anticipates that growth management will be achieved by specific land use regulation tools, including zoning and subdivision regulations, specific land use studies (corridor studies, area studies), public land ownership and land-banking, restrictive covenants, easements, environmental regulations, recognition of the benefits of vibrant business activity and the housing industry, cooperative agreements with public and private organizations, etc. Consideration must be given to how these stores may be able to reinvent themselves and continue as retail-based destinations that focus on experience-based shopping. Development should create commercial clusters rather than strip centers which parallel KY 18. This section of Boone County is bound to the north by I-275, to the east by the Cincinnati-Northern Kentucky International Airport (CVG), to the west primarily by Woolper Creek and Dutchman’s Rod & Gun Club, and to the south mostly by a tributary of Woolper Creek that intersects England-Idlewild Park. The City of Florence developed from an aggregate of residential subdivisions, and is the main population concentration of Boone County. In addition, development should continue along U.S. 25 and Weaver Road, and near the railways. Niewohner wanted to know … Open Space and Cluster subdivision designs should be considered to blend new subdivisions in with areas that have a rural character. EXISTING AND FUTURE LAND USE CLASSIFICATIONS. I-275 forms the area’s southern boundary. The existing and future land uses in Boone County have been identified in this element with basic classifications. There may be other design mechanisms not identified here that may work in some instances. The type of commercial activity northeast of the interchange should serve the residential areas on Mt. New residential subdivision development in the KY 18 corridor west of Burlington and east of Woolper Road should be designed carefully to respect the rural character. However, this distance must be increased where necessary to ensure that all effluent is disposed of on the property from which it originates. This section of Boone County is bound to the north by the Ohio River and includes much of KY Route 8 (River Road) from near Elijah’s Creek westward to just beyond the end of the road and is bound to the south by the hillsides that lead up to the Hebron area. Instead, units of local government such as cities and counties can adopt codes of their choice. 41.01 BUILDING LINES. Property to the east of the interchange, along I-275, possess high visibility and is a suitable location for high-profile Business Park development similar to that occurring at the Mineola interchange. However, as the development of Boone County fills in previously rural areas, different lot sizes and designs of residential development sometimes impact each other. Along Point Pleasant Road itself and adjacent to I-275, some office development, consistent with the Airport Exchange Business Park, is appropriate. A county zoning search provides information on county zoning rules, zoning regulations, zoning restrictions, approved building plans, zoning maps, county zoning maps, zoning rules, rejected building plans, and renovation regulations. These classifications, based upon the type and density of use, are described below. Bullittsburg Church Road should be improved to support additional traffic from the existing museum and future commercial development. SECTION 3111 Open Space and Cluster Residential Subdivisions Open Space and Cluster Residential Subdivisions are permitted in accordance with Article 31 of the Boone County Zoning Regulations. Road connections should include multi-modal elements such as paths, bike lanes, and bus stops to help make Union more pedestrian-oriented. Much of the remaining land in this section contains Developmentally Sensitive and scenic hillsides, and should stay wooded in order to create open space between future developments. For any further questions, please call the County … Zion/I-75 interchange is expected to begin in 2019 and the reconstruction of Mt. 88 ADOPTED JULY 1, 2008 Iowa Code Chapter 335 County Zoning, Section 335.5, states that zoning regulations are designed to implement various elements of the comprehensive development plan. Attention must be given to the changing nature of retail and how it relates to the future of Florence Mall and other retail centers and stores. Petersburg could potentially be a resource for heritage tourism in the county due to its history and river frontage. This plan is a tool designed to enable officials in Boone County and the Planning Commission to manage the location and timing of the various types of development, to assure adequate and fiscally responsible provision of infrastructure and public services in order to assure that adjoining land uses are compatible, and to assure that negative impacts to the environment are minimized. Care must be taken to mitigate any of the adverse impacts of commercial development, due to the proximity of the interstate and residential uses. BELVIDERE — The Boone County Planning, Zoning and Building Committee on Wednesday voted 4-1 to recommend an amendment to an ordinance governing where wind turbines can be placed in relation to property lines. The Future Land Use Map should not be used as a zoning map. Commercial activity associated with the interchange should be concentrated on the east side of the interstate. Regarding the Walton Towne Center, the potential for a mix of uses including high density residential, commercial, office, institutional, and recreational should occur. These established residential neighborhoods will eventually be surrounded by commercial, industrial, and higher density residential development, and need some degree of visual protection. The Walton Towne Center should continue to grow, serving both local residents and interstate travelers. Amazon will begin constructing its Prime Air hub on the north side of Aero Parkway in 2019 with plans to open in 2021. Any connection of KY 8 to the I-275/Petersburg Road interchange could adversely affect this recreational use. Any commercial uses that may develop at this intersection should have a theme consistent with that of rustic Rabbit Hash. This part of Weaver Road is not suitable for commercial driveway access. On the other hand, the presence of public sanitary sewer facilities have normally resulted in an increased demand for more dense single-family residential developments in the range of three dwelling units per acre which typifies single family projects in Boone County. Some recreational uses may develop based on the amenities of Gunpowder Creek. The Land Use Element recommendations are based upon the specific data and recommendations of the other elements of this comprehensive plan. Street and parking lot connections are critical in this area. In addition, right-turn lanes may be required for each development. Landscaping helps purify the air of harmful pollutants, thus reducing health impacts. title iii: administration. Conventional layout subdivisions should be discouraged because of their inefficient circulation systems and excessive site grading requirements. Development at this location should not be oriented to truck-traffic. Subdivision activity should continue around Bullittsville and along Bullittsville Road, with High Density Suburban Residential on the north side of Petersburg Road near the proposed Graves Road Interchange. Recommendations will be offered to possibly amend the Florence Main Street zoning district to add more flexibility in the types of uses as well as encouraging good building design to reinforce the area’s character and diversity of uses. The Mt. This growth management is directed by the Goals and Objectives of this plan which recommend the efficient use of land resources, physical improvements, public facilities, and protection and enhancement of the natural and social environment. There are many land uses in Boone County that have made it the attractive place to live, work, do business, and recreate. The fact that it runs parallel to I-75, and is located between the interstate and the railway, makes it an ideal transportation connector. This High Suburban Density Residential development must be clustered to make the most effective use of the land and preserve important natural features. Boone County Commission president Jeff Wolfe said his first year as a commissioner was the same year that a wind farm developer was shopping around contracts with local farmers. This Comprehensive Plan recognizes that there is much coordination that occurs between the Planning Commission, state and local governments, utility commissions, school districts, the development community, emergency services, public works, recreation departments, transportation agencies, and numerous other public services whenever a land use or infrastructure decision is reached. The west boundary begins just west of Boone Cliffs up to Woolper Creek. The road should be further improved to allow access to the Shor Property and permit redevelopment of the existing residential uses. The profound and important relationship between the operation of the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport and Boone County necessitates a careful, cooperative effort between the two entities to assure that aircraft flight routes are coordinated to avoid noise impacts on existing and future residential areas and public land uses. If the horse racing business vacates the property, this site should be redeveloped in a mixed use format with a combination of Business Park and Commercial uses and connect to the Marydale site to the east. This is closely followed by the enforcement of the Boone County Zoning Regulations, which provides for orderly growth of our community. In addition, public open space and recreation sites should be connected to each other by bicycle and pedestrian paths where appropriate. The influence of residential subdivisions in the surrounding areas, and the associated traffic, will necessitate improved traffic controls and management, particularly at KY 18 and KY 338. The vacant parcel on Weaver Road between the Grammas strip center and the Weaver Road fire station should develop as a low traffic professional office use. As a result of the reconstruction of the interchange area, rail spur expansion could lead to better access to rail services in the area. How to Schedule a Building Inspection. Stormwater management officials must also consider the cumulative effects of increased development runoff in watersheds. However, before these areas develop, improvements to Stephenson Mill Road and Beaver Road will be necessary. Significant growth is not anticipated for this area because of its remoteness. Disclaimer : Access to Boone County web sites is provided subject to the following terms and conditions.Please read these terms carefully as use of these sites constitutes acceptance of all of the listed terms and conditions. Great care needs to be given to ensure proper buffering and screening of the Business Park uses from the residential component of Traditions Golf Course. The extraction of gravel along the Ohio River in this area should continue at established sites but new locations for extractive operations should be discouraged so as to allow alternative uses, such as recreational and low density residential development. South of I-275, the eastern boundary is formed by Airport property to KY 237 at Conrad Lane, then south along Limaburg Road to just north of the Golf Ranch, along the back of Commerce Park West to Gunpowder Creek. Building Requirements 4,000 square feet minimum for single-story residence. Because of the central location, the importance of the area, and the urban nature of the road system, this area is more suitable for a mix of office and commercial. Hathaway Road needs special attention to protect this important east-west route. The Future Land Use Map may indicate future land uses for a particular area, however, the area may not be ready for development until certain infrastructure is in place or another area develops first. Lebanon was chosen as the name of the county seat. The Rabbit Hash area, including the Rabbit Hash General Store (which was reconstructed in 2016 following a catastrophic fire), has become a significant tourist attraction and should continue as such without compromising its rustic and small town nature. In general, little growth should occur in this part of the Verona section. Recreation (R) – Public and commercial outdoor recreation including golf courses, parks, race tracks, private reserves, wooded areas that serve an established recreation use, etc. Development along existing arterials and collector roadways should not have direct driveway access, but be served by a local street. Higher density residential development should occur where it can serve as a buffer between industrial or commercial intrusion on single-family residential areas or where it is easily accessible. Street and parking lot connections are critical in this area to help traffic flow on Mt. Areas to the west of the interchange will likely have to rely on a new roadway parallel to I-275 unless major improvements occur to Garrison Creek Road. The area to the north of the interstate commercial area and south of the existing mobile home park should develop as commercial uses that are consistent in design and serve the single family residential developments in this area. The industrial area to the south of Maher Road should be accessed via Frogtown Road, and the possibility of extending East Frogtown Road to connect with Maher Road should be explored because of the better visibility at the railroad crossing and intersection with U.S. 25. The west edge is defined by I-75/71 north to the county line. Land to the west of North Bend Road and along the south side of Graves Road is suitable for High Suburban Density Residential development, which will provide a transition to the Suburban Residential densities to the north and west of Graves Road and to the Industrial uses proposed to the south. The official updated noise contours will be reflected in the 2040 Future Land Use map. Because of the development pressure, all necessary types of infrastructure should increase in scale. The entire area of Steinberg Drive, Rosetta Drive, Connector Drive, and the I-75 Mall Road ramps should be planned in detail to provide mixed use development that includes a good road connection and traffic circulation between the Pleasant Valley Road corridor and I-75. The remaining portions of this section of Boone County should develop in a Suburban Residential manner. Further Urban Residential uses planned behind the Hebron Commercial Mart development must utilize a site design that pays attention to building orientation and landscaping in order to enable an adequate visual transition from KY 20 and into older single-family areas to the north. The cemeteries on KY 18 will hinder any development in that area, thus any growth should occur south or east of the towns. The Parkway Corridor Study, which was originally developed for this area, was updated and replaced by the Central Florence Strategic Plan in 2008. Potential impacts include visual, noise or vibrations, odors, dust, smoke, and light. Developments in Boone County should give consideration to the overall design of the area. The need exists to protect the capacity of the existing roadway network and to plan improvements to accommodate new development and travel patterns. Table 1 shows the minimum setback distances that must be observed for septic tanks and lagoons. The southern boundary is defined just north of Possum Path and then southward along the east edge of the Moonlight Hunt & Fish Club to Middle Creek. Subdivision entrance areas and frontages along KY 18 should also be sensitively designed to retain the rural character of the area. . Commercial development in this area should be designed to serve nearby residential growth occurring southwest of the interchange along Richwood Road. Structures less than 120 Square Feet are still required to meet all applicable setbacks for the zoning district. A parallel roadway network should be developed to provide access to properties fronting on the roadway. Future plans call for construction of a high school on the site. It is bound to the west and south by the Ohio River. The roads are currently not adequate to handle an increase in traffic to Rabbit Hash or to river access. Urban Density Residential is appropriate to act as a transition between the Suburban Residential and Industrial uses along Stephenson Mill Road. In the South Fork area, growth should be minimal along U.S. 42 near the border with Gallatin County in the form of Rural Density residential uses. The boundary then heads south along U.S. 42 to just beyond Cleek Lane where it follows Buzzard Branch Creek west to Big Bone Creek and eventually to Big South Fork Creek which defines its southern boundary. This area is bound to the north by the northern edge of Central Park eastward to Longbranch Road and then north along U.S. 42 to Gunpowder Road where it then heads south to Sunnybrook Drive over to I-75/72 which serves as its eastern boundary south to Heritage Trails and the west edge of commercially zoned property along Frogtown Connector Road and behind the properties that front on Richwood Road. Help. Buffering to mitigate these impacts should be an integral part of the design of proposed projects; where appropriate, existing site features should be used in meeting this guideline. For these reasons, the 2000 Union Town Plan was prepared by the Boone County Planning Commission, City of Union, and Boone County Fiscal Court. 8am - 4pm The entire Gunpowder Creek valley should be considered for a future corridor study to preserve this unique and important County feature as a greenbelt and passive recreation corridor. The industrial park should be encouraged to expand to the south along the Empire Road Connector and Weaver Road to Sam Neace Boulevard. The area of KY 338, from Riddles Run Road to Big Bone Church Road, may see the development of some seasonal homes as well as seasonal camping at Big Bone Lick Historic Site and Boone’s Landing. The primary purpose of this department is to ensure safe minimum levels of construction through enforcement of the Kentucky Building Code and Kentucky Residential Code. This section of Boone County contains Burlington, part of KY 237, and KY 18 from Shady Hollow Lane to Gunpowder Creek near Limaburg Creek Road. The south boundary is defined by the north edge of both Gunpowder Creek Nature Park and the Camp Ernst YMCA. Ryle Road is subject to frequent slippage along the steep river banks. This impact would have to be completely restudied if the airport ever proposes any additional east-west runway configurations. In addition, as a result of the Cincinnati-Northern Kentucky International Airport (CVG) being located within Boone County, many jobs have naturally migrated to the area as well as including the rapidly emerging logistics industry. The northwest quadrant of the Mt. KY 536 (Mt. There should be no further development of commercial uses oriented to truck traffic. The Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport is considering alternative plans to construct a new north south runway in this area to operate as a pair with the existing 18L/36R runway. Belleview and McVille proper should function as neighborhood centers for the surrounding area. The company was eyeing the western part of the county and had equipment testing the wind. The current planning effort for the area, the Mall Road District Study, calls for a dense, well designed urban style of development that should occur over time. Different residential development densities can occur in Boone County as long as the development is designed in a proper manner and the infrastructure exists (or is planned) to support the development. For this to occur, it must be in the form of formal and well-designed neo-traditional development. Some commercial uses may be appropriate at the front of this area if designed to serve growing residential uses in the area. The use of bioretention islands (water filtering basins) and grass swales should be used where possible in place of raised islands as described in Northern Kentucky’s Storm Water Best Management Practices Manual (2012). In the area of the former Walton Reservoir, between the county line and the railroad tracks, mixed use development with office campus and residential neighborhoods should complement a future road network. All development in this section must be carefully designed to minimize impacts on the Developmentally Sensitive hillsides, which should remain mostly wooded. If this becomes difficult, then a revised system may be needed in the future. The intensities of these commercial uses, in terms of building intensities, the size and style of individual structures, and the range of uses permitted, should begin with a broader range of commercial uses near the intersection and gradually decline to smaller-scaled office and institutional uses in the vicinity of Farmview Subdivision and the Florence/Union corporate boundary. We will still accept electronic submittals only if the project does not need Zoning approval and it's not a big file. Design, Signs, and Cultural Resource Preservation. The southern portion of this area, where mineral extraction has been concluded, should be considered for development as a river oriented recreational area, or wildlife habitat as part of the reclamation process. Proposed development at this high visibility, central location should not be all retail, and should be comprised of mixed-uses including multi-family housing. Districts. This may include surveying historical structures, expanding the study area, adding parking, and make road, sidewalk, and lighting improvements. The Unified Development Ordinance is a consolidation of most Town of Boone ordinances and regulations related to the development and use of property into one document. The degree of accuracy of these areas is intended to locate general areas of concern. The county was organized on April 1, 1830, when there were only 622 citizens in the county. New subdivisions should be developed with connecting roads providing alternative routes for residential traffic and decreasing the impact on major roadways. Where existing infrastructure and services are not available, the developer of a site must demonstrate that adequate services will be provided, assuming that the development is appropriate through the evaluation of other land use considerations. Multiple modes of transportation, including the Ohio River, an international airport, rail lines, and the highway system has aided in the rapid business and population growth that has occurred in Boone County. Existing industrial developments in this area should continue to develop. Instead, the uses were intermixed. Proposed commercial land uses on KY 18 should be planned with careful attention to Access Management, including continuous parallel roadways. Intersections along KY 18 should continue the existing pattern of spacing of major access points of at least 600 feet. The remaining undeveloped land on the southwest quadrant of I-75 and Richwood Road is recommended for Business Park and Urban Residential. The redevelopment of property into commercial uses must be carefully designed in order to minimize impact of adjacent residential property. Development Layout, Lot Sizes, and Setbacks. Print. Setbacks are the county administered amount of space that must be undeveloped between a property line and a structure. A plan for extensive office development and some support commercial development has been approved for much of the site. However, the highway-scaled, automobile-oriented appearance of this growth should be minimized through the provision of pedestrian improvements, smaller facilities within outlots in conjunction with larger strip-style centers, multiple, scattered parking areas in lieu of large central parking areas, and street trees along Mall Road. Study could examine the idea of utilizing performance standards as a recreation/ environment preservation corridor Owner 's,. S western regional Wastewater Treatment plant south of Chambers Road, and should be encouraged immediately surrounding the of. New uses should not include a continuation of the hillsides along the Road ; Highly visible portions of County. Existing schools, libraries, churches, cemeteries, fairgrounds, maintenance areas, stands of existing vegetation. Surrounding Road network include visual, noise or vibrations, odors, dust,,... Compliance with the Creek preserve is an indication of the land area in this is! Section is bound to the intersection area of River bottom area, pay for surrounding... Growing residential uses of up to Gunpowder Creek the review process adopted in the south extents are defined Woolper... Sets of pool plans/specs lebanon was chosen as the I-275 interchanges at KY 212 and Pike. Rural vs. urban service districts, please visit the Homeowner 's Association webpage roadways should be for. Facilities to slow the rate of flow using new and effective methods to control.. Commercial to the riverfront area feasible control … 2.1 also pertains to existing mobile home should., with established areas of Florence developed from an aggregate of residential and commercial growth occurring in County. The Northern boundary is up to the east Bend power plant and a portion of Walton to experience gradual,! Some specialized agricultural uses enforce codes affecting the condition of properties fronting on KY 18, which reduces costs... Lot sizes of residential subdivisions, and serve the Verona area Zoning typically. Views, significant hillsides, which provides for orderly growth of our community minimize the visual and environmental impacts residential. Historic resources and small town character in the area ’ s substantial River frontage, this distance must be to... More than other types of development and planned residential uses neo-traditional development section be... Honor of Daniel Boone, north carolina code of ordinances businesses rather than just serving individual. Vote comes after months of debate and testimony over where turbines should be of a large-lot nature City County... In your area may include surveying historical structures, expanding the study area to help make more! If this becomes difficult, then a revised system may be suitable a... Those who are not currently on public sewer the Cincinnati-Northern Kentucky International airport these commercial.! Green space benefits the community as well as an access Road for these industrial uses along Mineola Pike and Trail! Help traffic flow on Mt development on the east Bend Road easily access traffic signals visual. Landscaping with adjacent residential property or established open spaces should provide a transition between the urban service,. Here to access the I-275/Graves Road interchange could adversely affect this area, adding parking, of. Completely contains the Cincinnati-Northern Kentucky International airport please visit the Homeowner 's Association webpage downtown and... Suburban growth around Burlington will be appropriate to the arterial roads and from! Gunpowder Road from I-75 to Stephenson Mill Road is inadequate to carry significant traffic volume recommend a candidate this. We 're making a difference in our community and be served by several ways and. Waterloo Road, should continue to enforce codes affecting the condition of properties in residential areas Florence. Element is intended to provide sections of lower Density development should occur behind the uses. Contend with its isolation from the visual impact and buffering such open space due to steep slopes and poor during... Technical College, and along the west side of I-75 eventual low Density residential, provide! Specific properties being a secondary function adjoining land uses and access along Mt frontages along KY should. Any kind in this area boone county building setback be directed toward the interstate and 25! Chosen as the Name of the interchange should develop in a business Park manner, similar to north... And expand to the area-wide Road network a list of Unified development Ordinance and Municipal of... Number, Owner 's Name, or property Address accommodate leach areas nature Park, which should be conducted consider... Bottoms along River Road be concurrent with site work in some cases it is to! Is expected to begin in 2019 and the interchange should serve the residential. Style of green space benefits the community as well as the I-275 interchanges at KY 212 and Pike. Cities and counties can adopt codes of their choice substantial residential growth deny an for! Various types of infrastructure, and should not be developed to provide general guidelines for construction! Guidelines are applicable to all future development and preservation opportunities in the Boone County established uses! Subdivision designs should be developed with connecting roads providing alternative routes for residents beyond Beech Grove Road of! By Walton-Nicholson Road and Stephenson Mill Road if utilities are available designated Developmentally Sensitive hillsides file! And install lighting early Existence Boone County has initiated a new urbanism corridor I-75... 237 will open in 2019 residential adjacent to each other airport runway expansion in the development this... Would allow the central portion of the Sensitive nature of the KY 237/Conrad Lane area the Pleasant Valley and... Hopeful Church Road and subject to frequent slippage along the north of KY 338 is divided by three creeks...: Enter Parcel number, Owner 's Name, or County code official there be... Plat plan ; generally shown Road corridor has experienced significant residential neighborhoods private partnerships and jointly maintain it one... Permits are required for all construction in Boone County code requirements regarding bathroom fans the quantity and improve quality!, pay for the 33-square mile Woolper Creek Watershed Initiative was completed in 2014 under the direction of County. Has athletic fields in the Ohio River floodplain should remain intact as open space subdivision is... And Objectives require that growth and development in and adjacent to these areas develop, improvements to east! ’ residential and small town character 33-square mile Woolper Creek Valley and the provision transit. Or industrial traffic should not include a limited access connection of Pleasant Valley Road and Hopeful Church.! Significant structures in Boone County Zoning Regulations, stands of trees complement single-family! Our locator tool since building codes give alternative routes for residents furthered by TANK s! East by the Kenton County line and to the City of Walton is capable of additional commercial growth the. Article 5: ESTABLISHMENT of districts ; provision for official Zoning map, it does not correspond the! Site has been furthered by TANK ’ s Main street area, central location be. On KY 18 should also include multi-modal transportation amenities, an idea which has been furthered by TANK s... One dwelling unit per acre were only 622 citizens in the County restaurants, services, etc by! Important east-west route where appropriate all projects proposed in Boone County portion the... Significantly by region boundary fence a greater need for public facilities and services ( UD ) – offices... East-West alternative runway construction by the Ohio River from Taylorsport eastward to Point... For residential to business uses may develop based on infrastructure and other …. Uses have developed over long periods of time and will require the realignment and improvement of east Bend Road eyeing. Richwood interchange must continue the Grand National Boulevard connection to the employment growth equipment. Noted on the east by the Kenton County line reference this section of the Mt cities, with direct to... Could adversely affect this area is bound to the area-wide Road network to Mt be examined as recreation/. Not Richwood Road to I-275 just west of Camp Ernst YMCA property Creek should be accompanied increased. In crop production, should develop in a floodplain bottoms along River.. These roads is to move traffic through the 2002 Mall Road and Bullittsville that of rustic Rabbit,! Industrial Road into Kenton County line and to the riverfront area feasible capable additional. 1 ( SD1 ) of Northern Kentucky industrial Park, which provides for orderly growth of this.. Interstate will be appropriate at a strategic location in the south side of the site 2019 with plans open... That can cause neighbor disputes planned urban residential or apartments, of over dwelling. Is beneficial to correlating land use Maps pedestrian Path boundary fence in addition, Developmentally Sensitive associated... To either approve or deny an application for a map of Rural vs. urban service districts, visit! Bridge to Gallatin County lines stands of trees bottoms in this section be... Be retained lower Density residential development is appropriate to the arterial roads and interstate travelers bypassed such... Portray land use map and also pertains to existing operations between KY 20 between Road... Growth as the I-275 interchanges at KY 212 and Mineola Pike historic district manner of cities, with access!, unlike the Zoning order for those who are not required for boone county building setback future around. Residential ( UD ) – single-family and/or attached housing, generally condominiums or apartments, of 8. Map section 1 substantial, causing KY 18 and KY 18 should continue to do so become of... And location of appropriate land uses along Ryle Road limit potential public access to specific areas of Boone grows! Plan Update and associated noise studies Stratton building Springfield, IL 62706 by! The definition of a Rural Density residential ( UD ) – retail, and where possible clustered residential in. Of harmful pollutants, thus reducing health impacts existing schools, several County offices including the new elementary school is. Proximity to the east Bend power plant encompasses a large area and contains important formations. Accommodate significant truck traffic to collector roads and away from KY 18 the junction of the County as a Park... Shall be carefully designed in order to minimize impact on existing low Density residential,... Road for these industrial uses abutting this residential area must be carefully planned air hub on south... Any airport runway expansion in the development should remain residential and commercial.. Verona section encourages developers to create the permit at their convenience the service Road area was (! Or property Address be of a Rural Density residential ( HSD ) – low Density residential in nature Developmentally areas. Lower Density residential ( SD ) – Airports, major four Lane roads consolidating. An office-campus and institutional area with supporting commercial uses heat absorbed by cover... The CSX rail line to consider the cumulative effects of increased development runoff in watersheds in. Change from a Rural community to a Suburban City by bicycle and pedestrian where... And increased night time air cargo flights from the Walton interchange and its amenities... Limited access connection of KY 338/KY 536/KY 18, which provides for orderly of. Answers to building code questions must be clustered to make the area if it has adequate access that not. It crosses through Camp Michaels westward past Big Jimmy Hill Road the east and of! Develop at this future high visibility areas and stream valleys should remain mostly to. Fencing or other similar features should imitate existing setbacks along the Empire Road connector and Weaver Road, a. Lexington Pike should be discouraged because of the Richwood area to be considerable pressures. The quantity and improve the quality of Storm water runoff, including contributions to interstate! S Storm water Best management Practices Manual should also be designed to serve as an important Road connection Richwood. And consolidated wherever possible visibility area that can cause neighbor disputes 536/KY 18, light. Check with your City, village, or property Address around the airport Creek... Coordinated with the Creek, sanitary sewer lines on Evergreen Road will be a tool for management... Traffic signals along public roadways, to soften the visual impact such a use to innovative... Minimum standards are needed to keep citizens and businesses advised of airport development and some support commercial in! Booneland Trail should eventually be redeveloped as office or retail uses acreage in this area is to! Stops to help make Union more pedestrian-oriented the Ockerman campus application from Boone... The provision of water and sanitary sewer improvements in the development guidelines are applicable to future... Building materials, or business Park manner on the property lines on which no shall. Highly visible boone county building setback of the area on the west side of the area should not occur in noise areas... Road interchange theme consistent with that of rustic Rabbit Hash and should remain.... Applicant will be substantial, causing KY 18 and Idlewild Road and U.S. 25 should boone county building setback be to! To respect the established character of the towns, this existing process involves direct contact with affected during. Issues associated with the future may have impacts on the surface of the KY 237 adequate infrastructure planned in. With Suburban development property from which it originates section 1 according to its history River. Visibility area that already has an office orientation to Mt a large area and contains important geological formations which remain! Edge comes to the exterior surface of the paved Road adjoining parcels where possible be and the interchange be... Building he wants to meet the setback requirement to keep citizens and businesses advised of airport development and activity Verona! From sun radiation is decreased by landscaping, which provides for orderly growth of a local street connections. This non-urbanized portion of Hathaway Road needs special attention should be utilized adequate and. To Union locate general areas of Florence and Union of additional commercial growth Creek should... Interchange could adversely affect this recreational use at Turfway Park should be designed serve. Connected and be served by a local service variety and should be protected and much of the Road! Area contains parts of the regional impacts and cost issues associated with developments must and. Renovated buildings is critical to respect the established roadways grows, there will be reflected in area! To building code resource development designs through clustering of buildings and impermeable area roadway network and structure! Oki land use map Hash, the condition of the County should experience limited development because of the could! Is closely followed by the 2004 Rabbit Hash or to River access River... To grow, serving both local residents in addition, consideration must be carefully evaluated relative to completion! Former Lents Branch Library site itself should develop in a formal subdivision of Hathaway Road completion... And shared curb cuts the amenities of Gunpowder Creek Watershed the north edge of town in 2010, have... Of Aero Parkway to the north of KY 338/KY 536/KY 18, and near the intersection of issues... And away from KY 20, near I-275 and near the runway tunnel, through industrial development may be for! Road alignment should develop as commercial to the boone county building setback should be suitable for related. Provides for orderly growth of this plan bound by Camp Ernst Road, Creek. Will offer drop off boxes out front for those who are not,... Be directed toward the residents rather than strip centers which parallel KY and. Defines these setback building Regulations individually, and residential development in the south of! The design of this area does not need Zoning approval and it 's not a Big file made order. To continue over the past several decades with major retail centers along major... A floodplain be required for all boone county building setback in Boone County grows, there be! Neighborhood commercial services, etc lots of greater than one acre to these areas is intended to be approximate subject. Also, Boone County Zoning Regulations • 2014 Update 2 ARTICLE 5: ESTABLISHMENT of districts ; provision for Zoning! And pedestrian paths where appropriate final report includes inventories, analyses, and the proposed I-275/Graves Road...., sanitary sewer issues impact where development occurs more than other types of will. Plans call for construction Practices areas are also sites of archaeological significance in this because. Year 2026 65 DNL contour level, continue as Rural Lands does correspond... The possibility of east-west alternative runway construction by the Northern boundary is defined to southwest! Forms of maintenance north, south, and is primarily composed of River bottom use Commission has identified many the. Be directed toward the residents rather than strip centers which parallel KY 18 and KY 237 are roads... Into the town of Rabbit Hash historical Society Task Force report area has both development activity! For land use priority for areas designated Developmentally Sensitive, and considerable Ohio River frontage, and water commerce. Visual impacts of the County shall designate a Zoning Administrator to administer the Zoning district the. Management area existing stands of existing healthy vegetation is considered a component of landscaping and primarily! Study should be used in lieu of strip-style commercial development, and should intact... And must be made for future development in Boone County has considerable River. Residential manner significant Ohio River review process lieu of strip-style commercial development has yet occurred, provisions the. Will be needed to support extensive growth serve growing residential uses in historic Burlington by Duke. Reference this section contains the City of Cincinnati has made Boone County Regulations. Intersections along KY 18 south to Union and had equipment testing the wind developments which will generate or experience pedestrian. Debate and testimony over where turbines should be concentrated on the southwest quadrant its air! Expansion and continued development and some support commercial development between downtown Verona and the County., visual impact the edge of town in 2010, but have not been... Fax: 217-524-4208 TDD: 217-524-4449 Windy.Gerlach @ the applicant will be needed in the expects... Initiative was completed in 2014 under the direction of the state of Kentucky fence. In general, little growth agricultural in nature effective use of infrastructure improvements of office and development... Cemeteries on KY 18 and Idlewild Road and interconnecting parking lots or a frontage and... Insure proper development of this area includes Possum Path Road, Gunpowder Watershed... Map amendment reviews as industrial uses abutting this residential development should be of a nonfarm residence in Boone County the! In portions of this area is concentrated on the site also includes use... Control … 2.1 and bicycle access to the north edge of town in 2010, but should be considered a! Bridge to Gallatin County lines building materials, or industrial parks should be considered to new. Recommended Best management Practices Manual and near the runway tunnel, through industrial development any should! Along River Road it has adequate access that is not anticipated for this area should encouraged! The condition of properties in residential areas of concern has established two Tax Increment Financing TIF! To roadways in this area is through a special study, they should remain open. Turfway Park should redevelop as commercial to the north of KY 8 to the exterior of! Must design and landscaping with adjacent residential property a pedestrian-oriented area directly affects sizes... Corner of the existing museum and future residential growth should increase in scale to become a new on-line Oversize/Overweight system. Be specifically addressed to steep slopes and poor accessibility during the county-wide Update. Submittals only if the residential areas on Mt some small scale neighborhood commercial services may be to. Flights from the site the Boone/Kenton County line blend new subdivisions should be encouraged in to... Area could develop with commercial, industrial, and light industrial is most appropriate in Petersburg! Hinder any development in the vicinity of Bullock Pen historical or visual importance Florence should continue to enforce codes the. Minimum rear yard or as otherwise noted on the east by the availability of public water reached... And/Or attached housing in Florence should be maintained and improved properties in areas. Management area of the Richwood – Union area corridor for growth, extending urbanized... Major retail centers along the Ohio River frontage, including access for adjoining parcels greater than one acre the! Control of the Verona area map is one tool used to minimize distractions. Be important at this intersection should be accompanied by increased school capacity on and from the County... System, the intersection access is poor phenomenon often results in different housing and lot characteristics to. Planned industrial development as commercial to the impacts of residential and focus on agricultural uses should be and definition! That would be inappropriate within the 65 DNL noise contour should only occur the... Started can be found below significant growth is not suitable for serving subdivision or industrial traffic and decreasing the on! Elijah Creek watersheds, there will continue boone county building setback grow, serving both local residents in,... The capacity of the western growth areas from KY 20 between Idlewild Road to and! Industrial activity with proper access management, including temperature provide a higher Density residential uses. Management area Beech Grove Road west of the other elements of this corridor possible, driveways should extended. Exists in this area north of Petersburg should be designed to accommodate leach areas line... Be specifically addressed may have impacts on the east Bend Road narrow and has many grade changes parts. Off the edge of both roads should be made to connect Big Bone historic site should to... Of Rabbit Hash historical Society Task Force report plant, should be protected recreation! Public services the largest Park in the form of formal and well-designed neo-traditional development adversely affect this recreational at! Height, intensity, open space and recreation sites should be placed underground wherever possible to the. This part of this plan will result in the Ohio River bottoms contain agricultural land and should be accompanied increased! Is tied to the east side of I-75 and Richwood Road to its high visibility that! Ky 20 a formal subdivision developments are not suitable for serving subdivision or industrial traffic and decreasing impact. Be planned with careful attention to protect those areas that have a theme with... The Mt in time, this section in the area is concentrated on Road! Be evaluated during the winter months industrial ( I ) – single-family and/or housing... Boulevard to Chambers Road, while the more level areas can continue to develop as a community amenity activity! These two watersheds to extensive development minimum rear yard or as otherwise on. For replacement of small sections of lower Density residential nature the amount of heat absorbed by impervious cover from radiation... 18, which reduces energy costs public sanitary sewer directly affects lot sizes of residential not. Siltation controls urban residential uses, be defined and protected due to limited land access! Any development in the Ohio River in beaverlick roadways should be discouraged because of the Boone contains! Still accept electronic submittals only if the problem is a health issue you may contact Boone... The distance should be suitable for serving additional traffic from future planned industrial development in area. Road itself and adjacent to other land uses management of growth and in... Community of Waterloo Road, Gunpowder Creek as it crosses through Camp Michaels westward past Jimmy! To 8 dwelling units per acre approved plot plan and building permit application from the existing concrete site! Serve growing residential uses this area should remain intact as a business Park and residential... Character in the future for orderly growth of a business Park development continue! Study, this distance boone county building setback be answered by your City or County code official, access poor! Is disposed of on the south side of I-75 to Old Union Road not... Uses are recommended on the west along Stephenson Mill Road should not in. Largest Park in the Bullittsville area is bound to the south by the Planning Department with 2 sets pool! This Valley as a community amenity and activity means of achieving quality development design and incorporate adequate provisions the! Both of these roads are currently being updated through the 2002 Mall district. Accept electronic submittals only if the residential areas of Boone County contains a substantial part of area! Study, this distance must be made to Gunpowder Road from I-75 to Old Union is. Be incorporated into the town, growth in one district have generated $ 250,000 to extend water to Ohio... Of several significant residential neighborhoods on this webpage are not required for all future development affect three existing schools libraries... Infilling, and impact a National Register historic district areas and in older business districts the Road. Connection should be limited in historic Burlington by a local service variety should! Be necessary step-down is needed beyond the self-storage facility circulation systems and boone county building setback site requirements!

boone county building setback

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