Sales Outsourcing

Sales outsourcing is a way for companies to attract increased, high volumes of sales for their products or services by using a third party like AOB. You may use our outsourcing sales services to improve sales volumes without links to the sales teams that carry out those campaigns within your company. Our flexible payment mode ensures that a part of our remuneration is linked to the actual sales achieved for you, based on the results we generate, and therefore creates a mutually beneficial situation for both the company as well as AOB.

We are capable of Full ‘sales outsourcing’ – that means you can completely outsource the sales activity of your organisation to us – and focus on core areas that you specialize in while leaving the sales worries to us. Our model is different from value added reselling or distribution.

Full sales outsourcing is different from telemarketing, in that it requires direct recruitment of sales personnel with specific backgrounds for each sales campaign. Usually, the sales executives will be part of a team that may include telemarketing, marketing, tools systems and methodologies as well as sales management.

Sales Outsourcing

Our Sales outsourcing process provides accountability regarding all sales results and activities while representing the brand of the client. For the end-customer, it usually appears as if the sales team sold the product themselves rather than the sales outsourcing firm – AOB in this case. We, in essence, are an extension of the client but are responsible for all operations associated with sales activities, often receiving sales engineering and initial product/service training support from the client.

We provide sales resource to our clients, without taking title to their products. Our Sales outsourcing services are provided to clients that includes manufacturers, traders, franchisers, sales agents or any service industry. The best way of organising the sales effort, especially when product delivery is erratic, is to replace or supplement internal resources with functionality and expertise brought in from contract sales organisations like AOB.

Sales outsourcing is expected to be cheaper than the fully loaded cost of employing salespeople, but calculating the cost comparison over time is far from straightforward. Nevertheless, replacing fixed costs with variable costs is attractive to budget-holders. However, unlike many forms of outsourcing, the advantages of sales outsourcing does not often come from saving costs but rather increasing revenue or providing speed of response or flexibility.

Speed of response is seen as a key reason to engage us. If a company was looking to enter a market, it may take several months to recruit the local manager which then takes several months to find an office and build a team. With AOB, a full working team can often be operational within a matter of days or weeks.