Our Success Story

In a span of 6 years, AOB India has been able to achieve some great numbers which set us apart from the other players in the market. So far, the company has successfully achieved close to 6,01,108 sales closures and has generated a sales revenue of total Rs. 32,84,04,624 for its clients. These numbers make us the best sales outsourcing company in the market offering both online and offline  solutions.

We believe in growing and growing together. Therefore, at AOB our methodology and costing is highly growth oriented, which means a major source of our revenues comes from the sales that we make for our clients. This model keeps always us on our toes and inspires us to sell more which in turn benefits our clients as well as ourselves.

We have also had the pleasure of working with clients operating in different sectors across the country. You may go through our work details provided below. Please contact to know more about our work and to understand how AOB India can help you in achieving increased sales revenues for your company.

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AOB India Improves Belly Melly Sale

  • Industry

Restaurant (App Based Food Delivery)

  • Target Industries

Restaurant, Food service Industry

  • Challenges

New product, No market presence,

Tough competition, TG lacked brand recognition

  • Solution by AOB India

                Sales Agents Deployed: 48

                Territory: Delhi

                Achievement: 1500 plus restaurants

                Revenue: INR 80 Lakh plus generated

  1. Created a new approach and new action plan to project the start up in the market.
  2. Regular BTL activities to engage not only the restaurants but also the consumers.
  3. Viral marketing with creatives like “Hungry Horns” to generate curiosity and brand visibility.

AOB India Helps OyeSpace to Establish

  • Industry

Security App, Society/Property Security and Management

  • Target Industries

Societies, RWA, Gated Complexes

  • Challenges

Trust factor from end users, Evolving market, Credibility challenge, Multiplayer dominated segment, Price sensitivity

  • Solution by AOB India

                Sales Agents Deployed: 51

                Territory: Delhi, Mumbai, Indore, Chandigarh,   Jaipur, Lucknow, Kanpur, Pune

                Achievement: 150 plus societies

                Revenue: INR 30 Lakh plus generated

  1. Regular BTL Activities to promote awareness about gate management app and data security.
  2. Door To Door sales at residential flats.
  3. Installed Sun pack boards for easy app download and installation process.
  4. Engaging RWA apartments in fun events to strategically promote brand.

AOB India Helps ZeepZoop

  • Industry

Fashion Apparel Industry, Retail Industry, Interior Designing

  • Target Industries

Retailers, local fashion and accessory shops, Home Décor outlets

  • Challenges

New product, No Brand presence, Zero Website and Social Media engagement, Payment authorization and trust issues, Rigid agreement clauses

  • Solution by AOB India

                Sales Agents Deployed: 6

                Territory: Delhi, Chandigarh

                Achievement: On-boarded 50 stores

                Revenue: INR 12.5 Lakh plus generated

  1. New market communication strategy was put in place. New grouping of products offering on each segment clubbed with discounts.
  2. Focused geography and target age group approach. New market identified based on the combination of age, interest, buying pattern & geography.
  3. Client awareness about the benefits of the ZEEPZOOP PAY wallet with display ads and distribution of QR Stickers.
  4. Social media content was created and new engagement strategy was put in place to attract shoppers and build trust factor.

AOB India Helps Zilingo

  • Industry

Fashion Apparel Industry, Retail Industry, Wholesale fashion Industry

  • Target Industries

Retailers, local fashion and apparel store

  • Challenges

New product, New to Indian Market, Too much competition, No dealer/distribution network, Poor online presence

  • Solution by AOB India

                Sales Agents Deployed: 5

                Territory: Mumbai

                Achievement: Visited 1000+ stores in 1 month

                Revenue: INR 1.5 Lakh plus generated

  1. Aggressive sales team was deployed to ride in the new market and promote brand awareness.
  2. Extensive Distribution of Zilingo Merch to increase brand recognition in the local market.
  3. Prospector sales and marketing strategies were involved to actively expand into the new market.

AOB India Helps Xpress Minds

  • Industry

Educational Sector

  • Target Industries

CBSE Schools, Primary and Middle Schools

  • Challenges

No promotion or awareness about the program by Zee, Students’ Data security issues, Curriculum did not sync with the present learning pattern of students.

  • Solution by AOB India

                Sales Agents Deployed: 26

                Territory: Delhi, Mumbai, Indore, Chandigarh, Jaipur, Chandigarh, Lucknow, Kanpur, Pune

                Achievement: 10,000 plus app downloads

                Revenue: INR 12 to 15 Lakh generated

  1. Build trust around the event and the brand by getting credits from Zee.
  2. Distribution of Brochures and books to attract and engage students.
  3. Validation and confirmation mail from Zee Network and Xpress Minds to ensure Data security.
  4. Sales executed by agents from the educational sector to promote extensive awareness program about the knowledge and educational benefits of the competition.

AOB India Helps Peak HR

  • Industry

Software/Application, Automated HR Solution

  • Target Industries

Corporate offices, executive offices

  • Challenges

New start up, Too much competition, expensive, Less appealing look and packaging, Lacked features, Trust issues from end users, online reputation building

  • Solution by AOB India

                Sales Agents Deployed: 48

                Territory: Jaipur, Chandigarh, Lucknow, Kanpur

                Achievement: 16+ sales in 2 months

                Revenue: INR 4.8 Lakh generated

  1. Focused geography and target audience in tier 2 cities to capture developing market.
  2. Distribution of Brochures to offices and HR executed offices to create brand awareness.
  3. Online campaigns were focused on offering on each category rather than the whole portal. The features were given more visibility and the brand was built around the product.
  4. Social media content was created and new engagement strategy was put in place.

AOB India Helps Sonic Entertainment

  • Industry

Entertainment Industry

  • Target Industries

Office going millennial

  • Challenges

Too much competition in the sector, Event was conducted on weekend, Cheaper options available

  • Solution by AOB India

                Sales Agents Deployed: 12

                Territory: Delhi, Hyderabad        

                Achievement: 100 sales in Delhi, 120 sales in Hyderabad

                Revenue: INR 8 Lakh generated

  1. Created a buzz around the millennial hubs around the city.
  2. Marketing strategies to promote the artist to create curiosity and thrill among audience
  3. Highlighted the discounts and perks in the café to engage more customers.
  4. Sales and marketing strategy shifted to the photogenic ambience and concert theme of the event to grab social media eyeballs.

AOB India Helps Panasonic

  • Industry

Electronics Industry

  • Target Industries

All individuals working outdoors or indoors

  • Challenges

Expensive, Difficult to explain the value proposition, New to the market, Diversified Target Audience

  • Solution by AOB India

                Sales Agents Deployed: 45

                Territory: Delhi, Mumbai, Indore, Chandigarh, Jaipur, Lucknow, Kanpur, Pune   

                Achievement: More than 6K products

                Revenue: Around INR 75 Lakh

  1. Trained the sales agents on the technical grounds to elaborately feature out the benefits of the product.
  2. Extensive aggressive sales strategies were involved to engage audiences from all sectors ranging from corporate employees to housewives.
  3. Highlighted the immediate price benefits to buy the product.
  4. BTL activities in corporate houses, parking lots, societies to engage more audience.

AOB India Helps HDFC Home Loans

  • Industry

Banking and Finance Industry

  • Target Industries

Villages and agricultural land users

  • Challenges

Customer identification, Uneducated mass, Lack of awareness related to loans, Language barrier in villages, Difficulty to hire agents to work in villages, Trust issues

  • Solution by AOB India

                Sales Agents Deployed: 42

                Territory: Villages around Chandigarh, Jaipur, Lucknow, Kanpur                

                Achievement: Targeted 100+Villages

                Revenue: INR 130 Cr loan processed

  1. Approached the village head/leader with the proposal and implemented sales in verticals.
  2. Hired locals as sales agents to skip the vernacular barrier and gain trust of the locals.
  3. Educational campaigns and activities to spread awareness about home loans and the benefits.
  4. Conducted activities highlighting the FAB for the target group.

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